[Ship 01] [EU/NA] [Nostalgia] Fresh alliance looking for like-minded people. Beginner/vet friendly. Semi-casual - 900 iq e-sports

Overall aim with this alliance is to find other EU/NA players that're active in ship 01 who're having trouble finding themselves an alliance. A place where you can learn more about the game and using this knowledge, eventually get better at the game. A place where you don't necessarily have to be grinding your ass off but instead. Take your time, grab yourself a drink and chat before you get to the grinding.

*Alliance name: Nostalgia

*Alliance leader: Unown ( Unown#6355 on Discord )

*We've got a Discord server!: https://discord.gg/J5mXejZ

Feel fee to join even if you're not interested in joining the alliance. I've got a special Discord role set up for you ''Friendly Foreigners'' out there. :):)

As of right I am all by myself. I've created the alliance on the 18th of July. I'll be trying my best to make the alliance grow. At the same time I am dedicating my in-game time to get to know more about the game, lv up my subclasses. Get me some shiny loot and make friends along the road of doing so.

Tldr; Are you looking for a new EU/NA alliance, wanting to be a part of an alliance that's just starting out but willing to expand? Willing to learn more about the game and eventually get better at it? Consider joining by messaging me on Discord OR Unown in-game OR search on Visiphone > Arks search > Alliance search > Nostalgia.

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