CAN'T Start The Launcher

e8c27a42-3629-46b9-90f6-8f9ca00800a6-image.png Wanna to ask how to solve this matter .. im tired of every month reinstalling the game .. and I lazy to bother to submit ticket to Support .. since they are DEAD

@TireDBoreD if you also have an Xbox one I suggest downloading the Xbox one version of the game but if not try removing the check ✅ from always use this app

@TURION-MOONSTAR I dont have xbox .. sorry

@TireDBoreD others have had the same problem and unfortunately I can't help you other than to suggest checking your PC 💻 for viruses

@TURION-MOONSTAR thanks for ur concern ... i already did my own troubleshoot before i start a new thread at forum ... since the sega dont care .. there no need to bother about it ..