Lately I've been starting to play techter more and they're a bit more squishy and ya know, more support oriented. Obviously, techs are the way to go if you're not whapping something with your wand, which I'm really not going to do on a large boss as you're way too vulnerable.

Thing is, I bring the npc allies for help on these things. These allies are of course not as strong as players and rarely if ever will rez if you fall so it's a bigger deal if you're on a failable mission. The thing is, the npcs are not useful if they're not fighting and at least keeping aggro. While they're often pretty reasonable in the regular field, I'm finding time and time again, that their AI just completely stops caring during boss fights. This might be less noticeable if you're playing on something that's more melee range and constantly trying to whack the boss, or they may stay engaged if you're in melee range since you're up there in the boss' face, but when I'm on techter, and am physically trying to not be near the boss and flinging techs, the npc allies are not being useful when they're following me like a lost puppy dog during a boss fight instead of getting in and fighting and keeping them away.

I keep constantly finding myself having to do a crappy kite job on bosses that have hard to see often-one-shot-killing moves, and when the npcs refuse to actually go fight the boss, they're making this harder by not distracting it so I can actually fight the way I'm supposed to. While I can see you not wanting them to get stuck on random trash you're trying to bypass in the regular field and are trying to zoom off, they need to stop disengaging on the boss fights so easily