Campaign: buy premium

So i have over 100 days in premium, which recently i bought 2 ragol packs, more value, and did not receive anything. What did i do wrong?

@overfiend78 The "Buy Premium" campaigns require you to buy the specific Premium Sets from the AC Shop; previously purchased Premium Set tickets and those from packages (like the Ragol Edition) do not apply to them.

The current one wants you to buy a 90 day pack of premium. It says so in the description.

14 Apr and 15 Jul are 92 days apart. At this point it may be a good idea to expect one of these campaigns roughly every 90 days.

This however has a couple of obvious drawbacks:

First, PC players started on 27 May. Anyone who bought into the first campaign received enough premium to last beyond the end of this new one.

Second, the lack of a gap means the more profitable source of premium (the repeatable Ragol Fashion Pack) gives redundant premium. There are surely players who'd buy that pack as their premium source if these campaigns had a gap so it might be a little counter-productive to discourage that.