I would like to suggest an improvement to the Urgent quest schedule to improve accessibility.

The current UQ schedule gird uses colored boxes in order to indicate what quests are happening at what time. While this is fine for most I'm part of the 8% of people world wide that live with red green color blindness which makes this page largely useless for this group as we cannot tell the difference between some quest blocks.

To correct this I would recommend one of three methods:

  1. Add a symbol to each event in the grid that corresponds to the associated event. Symbols can be placed in the grid and will assist in quick identification.
  2. Add the name of the event to the grid. Adding the name of the event will identify the event by name.
  3. Use texture to denote between colors. A texture in the boxes has the same effect as a symbol but would fill the whole cell instead of just centered in the middle.

I hope this will help improve the readability of the website