Things I should understand as I hit 500 hours.. but don't

I was playing a recommended quest today and got a Code Capture. I started killing the creature as usual since I have no idea how to capture, and another party member typed "capture" in chat. This blew me away since in all of my time with the game I've never seen anyone actually capture during a Capture EQ. AI killed the thing off before I could ask for some guidance, but this got me thinking.

I'll probably hit the 500 hour mark today and there are a few things that I still don't understand that I know that I should. Maybe someone here can give me some tips or if it's too much to explain, point me to a good guide. Most of these are Emergency Quests.


Capture - I know you're supposed to lead the monster to the glowing circle area and hit a button. However, I always get messages telling me that it wouldn't work when I hit the button for some reason. I play 90 solo, so I'm sure that doesn't help, but how is this supposed to work?

Time Bomb - ????? I have no idea what I'm looking at with these. My first thought was that I was supposed to follow the lines to connect the glowing thing to whichever button I'm supposed to hit. However, the lines from the three choices all seem to connect to it. Lines criss-cross each other and are all joined. What's the trick?

Lillipan messaging - I swear I'm selecting the same emote that the little guy is doing. Sometimes it seems so obvious since the announcer is saying something like "He seems to be greeting you". I try to wave, greet , anything that's close and I've never gotten this. Am I missing something?

Exterminate Mad Jelly - This Seabed EQ has jellies falling from the ceiling and swelling up. I kill them all and still always fail. What is the goal?

---THE BIG ONE ----- AFFIXING or AUGMENTING - I've watched a few videos on youtube but it's still as inscrutable as the Tokyo subway system to me.

  • I understand how to increase the slots available, but I can't transfer over any good affixes because when I pick good ones, the chance % drops through the basement.

  • I get these Melee/Ranged/Tech affixes but have no idea how to use them or what they do. Can anyone tell me what these are?

If anyone can point me to a good guide on augmenting / affixing I'd greatly appreciate it. Anamana's youtube video on affixing / augmenting didn't help. Maybe there's a better one?

In my many years of playing games of all types including MMOs, at 500 hours, I feel like I've always understood pretty much everything in games I've played. I love this game, but wow is it unnecessarily complex!

Thanks, in advance, for any info on these!

ok for the emergency quests is like this:

Capture - bring the monster to the designed place you can start the capture when he is inside the circle and even the circle will change color when you can start to capture him, however if he gets out after the console was activated it will fail and you can only repeat it 3 times, if it fails 3 times the quest will be counted as failed

time bombs - the lines connect one side to the other so it can be tricky to see which part is connected, this image explains how it works alt text

Lillipan Messaging - when you find a Lillipan he will make a emote but you need to do that emote with another Lillipan that will spam in the map, the other Lillipan will do the same after you delivered the first message and when you delivered the second message the quest ends

Mad Jelly - just let then grow and kill then when they are big you gain more points when they grow

Personally, I feel that those EQs can be figured out through some trial and error (except maybe the mad jelly one). But if you've tried and still don't get them, here's how to do each of them.

  • Capture

One of the hardest to solo imo, just cuz it requires the monster to stay within the glowing circle while you furiously tap the interact key while at the console nearby.

Very few monsters actually have attacks that leave them vulnerable long enough for you to capture (e.g. Tranmizer after it slams its fists together and does 1 big ground pound) so you have to be extremely lucky for a majority of them unless you're in a party.

  • Time Bomb

You got the basic idea already. When the lines criss-cross, you just gotta shift over to the other horizontal line that's connected and continue tracing till you reach the end.

So it means the best solution is to start at the end node and backtrack to where the 3 starting nodes are, while swapping between horizontal lines if there is a vertical line linking them.

  • Lillipan Messaging

Not sure what you did wrong but this is pretty simple as well. After the 1st lillipan spawns and tells you what to do, you gotta head to the 2nd lillipan spawn and defeat all the highlighted enemies, THEN do your emote. Just rmb you gotta finish the entire animation of the emote or it won't count iirc. Now the 2nd lillipan will tell you what to do, so just head over to the 3rd lillipan (no enemies will spawn) and emote again to clear the quest.

  • Mad Jelly

I have not cleared this either since it rarely ever pops up (I've only encountered it twice in 400+ hrs) but from the npc dialog that pops up in the middle of the EQ, it seems you need to match your elements with the colour of the jellies, which - let's face it - no one other than casters will be able to do, unless you bring every element of a weapon, which is unrealistic and impractical. The npc also tells you to kill those which have bloated into big ass jellies but I have no idea how to make them bigger, so good luck lul.

As for affixing, there's been many youtube guides lately so just look it up since I can't rmb the names of the creators who make them.

@Natty-Boh-man in code capture situations there is a containment device set up a short distance from the creature that you are supposed to capture, just get the creature to follow you until it's within the white laser field which turns orange then use the nearby terminal to complete the process, if using a controller 🎮 press B to access the terminal then tap B as fast as you can, it may take more than one try

Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate the information. Like I said, I really love this game, I just don't catch on to the mechanics sometimes.

About Mad Jelly. I had this event twice and both times in Seabed map. Dunno if it's just pure coincidence or if it can only spawn in that place. Also, what happens when you fill the bar killing Jellies? You won and event over or you get like a big Jelly boss to fight?

@Kapnobatai86 It can only spawn in Seabed, and filling the bar just completes the Trial. Nothing else to it.

I have the same feeling about a lot of things.

Augmentation is a form of dark ritual unknow science.