not normally "that guy" but.. i found that guy's suit in my closet and it fits nicely

alright powers that be.. i've had my fill.. (does that mean i'll quit the game? no.. i've waited since dc server shut down.. tho it does mean that i'm starting to really despise microsoft.. ya'll can go ahead and shove that "i might be a victim of counterfeit software" pop up.. i've seen how quickly ya'll fix ya'lls issues with us the players.. expect about the same kind of urgency pertaining to my piracy and those i share the wealth with.. might as well just call me 'murica and ya'lls products "freedom"..

anyways.. pissed bs rant over.. too bad i'm seething and putting off YET A- FUCKING-NOTHER install because of microsoft.. so.. pissed rant is not over.. just the bs one..

so here's the real deal "small_flaccid", that's your name now, btw.. like it? (some cursing coming.. but.. literally, i've had it up to here (motions to a height of about 6 ft 7 ish) and i'm 5'6'' ya got me?) :

broooos... i'm soo fucking over your bullshit.. so much so that i demand a FREE premium accnt for a month.. AT LEAST! no.. i am not joking.. and yes, i think EVERY ONE who has been dealing with your loose butthole behavior also is more than deserving of some game time with all the bells and whistles to make up for all the whistles and bells of anger and frustration we've been forced to endure as a player base due to your incompetence and ignorance (i HOPE ignorance.. cuz god damn ya'll are stupid if it's not) yes.. i'm VERY fucking serious.

i've never had this much trouble out of any game i've ever played.. and bros.. i played the japanese game for a few months in preparation..

i'm talking can't get a log in streak going to save robin william, i'm afraid to shut off my pc cuz that's caused issues before so it's constantly turned on like michael jackson the catholic pope.. cant fully participate in many of the events cuz. well.. because of you, small-flaccid..

and the worst part.. you fuckers got the gawl to be all like :shitty car car dealer head wobble: you wanna like.. heh heh.. gimme a couple bucks.,. for like.. heh heh.. this limited time offer that you'll rarely see due to constantly reinstalling the game.. heh... fucking heh..

like., broooo.. i'm soooo fucking pissed right now... and wanna know why? i work.. obviously you nor that trap house posing as a shitty store know anything about that.. but guess how many days i had off this week to get some quality time in on this game you want me to give you about tree fiddy as a show of support.. if f you guessed anything more than one,.. you're wrong.. and you know what the fuck i'mma be doing tomorrow? not playing the game.. oh heelll nooooo... that.. that's what i'd be doing if the game was brought to us by literally ANY FUCKING BODY ELSE.. i'm talking i'd trust ol back alley crack head clarissa and her computer skills over your abilities to bring usthis shit..

nope.. my ass is gonna be doing another god damn mother fucking stupid ass installation of a game i've alllllllllready installed so many times i've LITERALLY lost count simply because "derpy derr duh small floppy dick" can't get his poop in a group long enough to get his shit together...

like.. gaaaawwwwdd dammmjiiiitttt.. FUCK!

i really wanted to play on my day off..

wanna know why..>

cuz you fuckers are fjust the best at having your program fuck itself in it's own ear socket while you're shoving your hands in your own ass while calling elbow walking an amazing example of progress..

but.. it's not.. in fact.. it's a real shitty way to do things.,.,

meh.. fuck.. i could go on.. truuuuuust me.. i'vebeen fucking livid for a grip..

:slow inhale and exhale:

look.. just give me and every one else a free month of the good shit.. cuz we are fucking tired of the small-flaccid dick you been giving us..

we MORE than deserve it.. for fucks sake.. we're still here (youre fucking lucky this game has fostered such an amazing culture and community, not that you've done anything to help that along..

plus.. look on the bright side.. it's not like we'd get to use it very long or very much..



anyways, i got soooo much more cursing and insulting i could do.. but.. alas.. if i wanna try to at least get a couple hours in tomorrow.. i bettert get to work on this fucking god damn download i've been putting off..

:screams a loooong and exasperated "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" as i head back to my computer:

soo.... tl;dr version = PSO2 + Microsoft Store is bad