Did miss something?

I'm curious why people have faith in Sega of all companies I mean did everyone collectively forget what they've done to their own ips? Seriously sonic used to be a household name like Mario but Sega ...

Honestly all that needs to be said is don't have your hopes up only have hope when another company gets the pso ip because until then all you'll get is monetization with no big fixes and a really screwed up release schedule and content locked behind a pay wall.

Seriously though on a side note I didn't even know Sega was still in business I figured after they failed at console making and tanked their own ips that they died off lmao

One can be critical of a gaming company, and still have faith in their products, despite the ups and downs. This leads to accurate, articulated and well thought out feedback (negative or praise).

Focusing solely on past failures without indications on suggestions to improve only leads further disappointments.

Its okay to disagree/ dislike the direction they go, though it isnt wise, nor really useful to rag on those who do agree / like, and visa versa.

@DragonGod-Dante said in Did miss something?:

I'm curious why people have faith in Sega of all companies.

I really don't think that's quite the case anymore after people this SG ticket fiasco. No I think based on recent posts people are starting to catch on that the best interest of the server is not on the devs priority list.

I don't know if playing JP PSO2 and liking it is having faith in SEGA.

I have quite the negative view on SEGA in all honesty, gave me 2 copyright strikes on youtube when I put up Shining Blade gameplay videos.

Sega always had their ups and downs and their fail with the Dreamcast was not enough to take then down after all Sega was always the first company in Japan when comes to arcades machines and that keep then up for several years.

their IPs sure Sonic did had a lot of let downs but others like Ryu no Gotoku (Yakuza games) only grows, same with the Vocaloids and after they aquired Atlus their number of popular IPs just got bigger.

so yes you can put faith in Sega they do improve when is given time.

I really don't see the point to this thread, it only brings negativity. It is fine to be critical, but I don't see the positive value of asking 'why do you have faith in Sega?'.

@Ranmaru dunno how it's negative to ask something that is basically common sense I just see alot of people expecting things from a company that historically has rarely met anyone's expectations. all I'm saying is bring your expectations to reality ( even though people like to run from it ) and not get so over the moon that you lose all reason I've seen that alotbin this game especially lately if factual history says anything it is always be skeptical

If you feel like that is negative your probably one of the people throwing cash at companies and have been sending the game industry into the sad state it is now with loot boxes and gross monetization everywhere and companies held to no accountability

SEGA hasn't let me down. Microsoft did me proud getting the game out West.

@DragonGod-Dante Having faith in Sega and sticking around as long as they are consumer friendly are two separate things. People are attracted to certain companies because of their style. I like Sega games for their arcade design and vibes, if the IP was handed off, as you suggested, I don't think it would feel the same. Also by virtue that you didn't know Sega was still in business means you probably aren't playing for that reason (which is odd because you made that Sonic comment meaning you would have known). Anyways, I like Sega for their style which is why I love the Yakuza franchise so much. Sorry that you aren't having fun, I hope this answers your question and that this thread helps you vent your frustration.

Sega is like the underdog of the development world out of the large game companies, they've yet to throw in the towel and I enjoy the games so it's fine. My opinion.

I also feel they excelled at console making (in terms of a video game device)

Dreamcast wasn't a bad console on merit, just not a popular one in contrast while in competition.

I don't see this thread as constructive. I have only given $120 and have not invested in anything else Sega. (No plans to pay any further either)

@Redex nah Sega is one of the biggest games companies in Japan so they are out to be underdog if you want a underdog then look at Inti Creates, Sega not only develop games but also arcades machines that are pretty popular in Japan and they also publish games for other companies.

@DragonGod-Dante you sir should search in the internet, Sega has several popular IPs that are satisfying their target demographic, I'm not gonna put here the list of then and sure sometimes things like the Game Gear Micro appear that I doubt someone gonna be able to play on that but will still sell like crazy


They are in North America, people mention Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo with overt familiarity here, when SEGA comes up it's like "ohh yeah they're making games" or "I remember the dreamcast" often. That's what I meant by it, I should of specified NA.

@Redex Well there are people like DragonGod Dante who thought they weren't in business anymore, sounds pretty underdog to me.

I never was aware they were doing well at all in Japan.