Scion Class Concept: Wilder/Feral (Knuckles, Jet Boots, Launcher)

This concept is one I've been mulling over a bit in my head and figure it'd be good to post it in the forums instead of letting it disappear.

The Wilder/Feral would be a high-mobility Scion Class with a lot of Area Effect photon arts as well as vicious multi-hit combo photon arts.

The biggest mechanic would be in how they utilize Knuckles and Jet Boots, as instead of being equipped separately, they'd be equipped similar to Summoner's Harmonizer and Pet. Depending on which weapon is in the Weapon Slot and Normal Attack slot would change how the Normals, Weapon Action, and Photon Arts function. Both the Knuckles and Jet Boots would deploy Photon Claws for attacks, greatly expanding the range of normal attacks and photon arts as the Weapon Gauge rises, while some Photon Arts and Skills would consume Weapon Gauge to add additional effects or add buffs to the Wilder/Feral for a duration.

The two styles of Knuckle/Jet Boot combat, dependent upon whether Jet Boots or Knuckles are in the respective first and second slot, would be distinct, with Jet Boot weapon slot being more mobile and wide-range kicks, while Knuckle weapon slot would involve fast and multi-hit Knuckle Claw attacks. The Weapon Action for the Jet Boots normal attack slot would be a rapid dash to reposition while also swiping at nearby enemies with the Knuckle Claws, meanwhile the Knuckle weapon action would involve a multi-hit series of slashes with frontal guard-frames for the duration, which can be held to expend additional weapon gauge.

Some examples of photon arts would be a quick dashing slash, which would gain multi-hit properties if Knuckles were in the normal attack slot, or greater distance and I-Frames if jet boots were in the normal attack slot. There would also be a machinegun-kick that could be held for continuing damage with Jet Boots normal slot, or would burn Weapon Gauge for a claw-slashing finish if used with Knuckles in the normal slot.

The Launcher would function less like an explosive launcher and more like a minigun and cannon, utilizing normals that would "spin up" the barrels and function as the way to build weapon gauge. Photon Arts with the launcher would gain additional hits, attack speed and recovery speed, and potency the higher the weapon gauge is, and the weapon gauge will fairly quickly deplete if you're not attacking. Some Photon Arts include a Ricochet Shell that bounces between targets, Vertical Launch missiles that rain down over enemies, and one that rapid-fires short-range Diffusion Shot.

I haven't thought far enough ahead into skill trees and extra mechanics that active skills could apply, but I believe this overall concept would be incredibly fun to play with.

... I would play that class as a new main instead of bouncer...

@Foxxie-kun Sadly 'Knuckles' now at in 4th Scion that coming out in JP Soon. It have 'Gunblade/Knuckles and ??? Weapon' ^^

here :

@CandyHaiyang Knuckles aren't part of any Scion yet. The Scion you're thinking of is Gunblade, Bow, Harmonizer.

@Foxxie-kun The Bow and Harmonizer part of that video are unrelated to the Gunblade-based Scion class. The Bow part was showing off the recent Bow Complex PA, Cerulean Ballista, and the Harmonizer part is showing the recent evolved Pet, Grass/Glass.

@CandyHaiyang @AndrlCh I don't see knuckles in that video... Where was it confirmed this new scion class would get other weapons, let alone knuckles?

@Mattwo7 I don't know too. My friend just tell me "You must go to watch "PSO2 STATION!+" in PhantasystarCh :

They will tell about that '4th Scion Class' in some Dev live,If you understand in JP language .It will have Dev said "about this Class will have ??? weapon to use" that I can't remember too.

But it's just have somepeople say it's "Gunblade/Knuckles/Wired Lance",But I still not sure about it too. It's just a 'Rumor' don't trust me >.<"

Well, Gunblade and Wired Lance are both good weapons for both single targets and mobbing. However, I do hope that if that scion class gets Knuckles that it at least gets SOMETHING making them worth using.

My most disliked aspect of Fighter is that its best weapon, Double Saber, is the only weapon Fighter has that lacks long-distance mobility, while Knuckles and Daggers lack mobbing/AoE damage but have mobility in spades. Knuckles are all but completely useless with how you have to be almost inside a given enemy to do optimal damage.

Ultimately I do hope that more Scions and Complex PAs come out that add useful aspects to under-used or underpowered weapons, because as it stands Knuckles, Daggers, and Talises really don't feel like they're very worth using over Double Saber and Rod/Wand respectively. My experience may be limited, however.