This client, I can't anymore.

SEGA, get your shit together. I'm done with this game until I hear client does better. I downloaded over two terra byte and of pso2 already. Love the game but you act a like a multi dollar company. You need to get your competence at work and prioritize being able to play. The content can wait, road map of 8 years in a year won't kill anyone if they have to wait.

I don't want to hear about Tweaker, I've installed it a few times as well. It is not a bulletproof solution.

Done with the game until I hear of an improvement.

To be honest I'm the same I'm using the Client to play yeah i tried tweaker first time it made things worse for me. I had factory reset my pc to get the game back and HDD space, been ok since but I still feel it's eating space i check my HHD everyday, and to be frank we should not have to use a 3rd party program to play the game nothing with using tweaker but we should not have to this is not some green lit it's sega.

But I hate the fact i feel like I'm playing russian roulette every time i restart my pc or close the game, why they just did not go with the game own launcher from the start is beyond me. I know they said it's going to steam but I'm EU and i already have a steam account linked to my email I dont want to have issue's doing that as well but i dont know how much this will take to play from the EU hopefully easier.

But it was such a bad launch so many people had issue's including me i mean you just have to look at the rating on the MS store. I still have people that i play with that only the other day said the game removed itself and they had to re download it

Part of me wonders if Sega can even do anything about this since it seems like it is the Microsoft Store integration that is the crux of the issue.

The strange thing is, I bought a month of Game Pass Ultimate and this is the only M$ Store game I've tried that has problems like this.

@Mattwo7 said in This client, I can't anymore.:

The strange thing is, I bought a month of Game Pass Ultimate and this is the only M$ Store game I've tried that has problems like this.

The Microsoft Store wasn't made to work with games that have their own launchers. Technically the store is supposed to handle all of the updating and management of game files; so PSO2 having its own launcher causes a lot of issues.

I know this is a constant issue for others. I seem to be one of the ones where it has not been an issue at all. I use the Microsoft Store. The only times I have had problems, was when I ignored a Windows Update. Hopefully a new platform might help you and others come back.

Well I use the tweaker and it works fine for the most part. Any troubles I do run into can be solved by rebooting my computer.

Personally though I use the PSO2 Tweaker for updates and launching the game my installation is still Xbox Store / MS Store based and has crapped itself three times by now. I won't deny that its an annoyance and should not be happening but I do feel that all the messages about needing to factory reset your PC or formatting harddrives is a bit excessive... each time the game uninstalled itself I had a software which granted me permission to the folder in question so that I may manually delete it and recover that harddrive space.

@Pulptenks , as you may or may not know, the game's coming to Steam. Most of the install issues are ultimately down to the Microsoft Store so... most of the issues should be gone on that version.

@Blackichan08 , the same announcement that brought up a Steam version also said the game would be launching outside of North America. We dunno 'when' or what regions but I personally believe it would happen simultaneously with the Steam launch and would be a global release.

@Leonkh99 Well most Steam games are released globally. I wonder what the legal logistics behind that are, by all accounts, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

@Mattwo7 key word here being 'most'. I have lived in two different countries (Thailand and Australia) and have seen Steam games being available in one and not being available in another. This was especially the case in Thailand due to many MMOs being licensed to different publishers for the SEA region so En Masse games like TERA and Closers Online were often not available there. SEGA could very easily release the game on Steam and keep it NA only until they decide to expand globally.

Minor correction aside, my own theory is the same as yours; that the global launch is tied to the Steam release. SEGA Europe's the one responsible for putting games up on digital storefronts like Steam and the Microsoft Store and have the most experience, PSO2 on the Microsoft Store uses a new publisher account managed by SEGA of Japan (notice on the MS Store all other SEGA games are listed as published by "SEGA Europe" while PSO2's listed as published by "SEGA Corporation"?). The reason for this is most likely due to SEGA of Japan managing the game directly and wanting to be able to put updates for Xbox One themselves without needing to pass it through a 'middle-man' much like the PSU days. This necessity however is no longer needed for PC as they both use their own launcher and update server for patches. As a result, the Steam version could very easily be published by SEGA Europe like all other games as all it would be is just the launcher and base installation while the actual patches are downloaded from the servers managed by SEGA of Japan. As a result, SEGA Europe may most likely want to make the game available globally like the rest of their lineup... though keep in mind that this won't stop SEGA of Japan from ordering SEGA Europe to make sure the Steam page is available only to US and Canada...

@Leonkh99 Let's hope so and it mix's EU and NA then should be able to just change it all back to EU and dont have to keep buying Gift Cards ( always freaks me out buying them as I dont know where these cards come from) and use my actual Debit Card and missing out on bonus like that game pass deal, but people are speculating that 's what the other 3 ship's are for.

Edit to be fair while I'm ok around a pc I'm not vet, you should not need a degree ( not literal) in computing to delete files I was lucky my pc was like 2 months old just had a few media files, and after all the other solutions i tried and tweaker things just went from bad to worse. Regardless AAA games have been canceled for less just look at Anthem that Fallout MMO and as these problems are still going on a month and a bit down the line is a bit scary.

I just had the PSO2 client fail to launch itself for the second time now, and I took 4 HOURS to get it resolved. Somehow I managed to successfully uninstall the thing from my SSD. I'm not touching this "thing" until there's reports that it's been fully fixed.

My client has now failed for the 5th time.

I'd redownload it, but that's my evening done. I like the game, but this needs to be fixed. I won't rush to redownload it again until Sega show some willing to address this issue.

On a side note, this is a game that has so much woodwill and nostalgia, its amazing that not only is it a free-to-play model, but Sega/Microsoft have been it impossible to throw them a few bones from overseas players. It's just a shame really.