Complete "Mag Breeder in Training!" completion glitch


So I took the "Mag Breeder in Training!" client order from Echo and I've fed my Mag plenty of times. I completed the quest and got the two Dimates, buuuut the game still wants me to turn in the quest, even though I just did it. There's a permanent message on my screen telling me to complete the already-completed quest (along with the orange waypoint pointing towards Echo), but even when I talk with her and try to complete it, it says that I'm only allowed to complete this order once, thus preventing me from "completing" it and getting rid of the annoying tutorial message and waypoint.

Annoyance #1.png

Annoyance #2.png

Is there any way to fix this? Has this happened to anyone else?

Have you checked if you can accept the Arks mission reward?