Mushroom chair

Found a mushroom chair in my personal room, other alliance member also had one. From where did they came????

Scratch that, just check right now and they r like 30 -50 chairs...

They come for cheap from the FUN furnishing trader, and I've seen them used as a popular trolling mechanism.

The last time it happened I hit back at the playmaker with a tame effort but then spiked my own personal quarters with mocking symbol art and the Rappy Fever theme in preparation for their predictable response. 😛

It's all good fun and games.

@Miraglyth u saying people can come to my room and place stuff, huh. Didn't expected that. It's ok, that's not such a bad thing I guess. Thanks for the info.

I think there are settings in your room terminal to be able to change that if it's unwelcome.

There are definitely settings to change who can visit them (e.g. friends, alliance members and so on) but we couldn't get the friends one to work. That might be to do with the friends system going through Xbox Live.