Minor note

Quick question: did anyone else notice that the text "Gods be, operative" got corrected to "Godspeed, operative"? Because I was pleasantly surprised when I caught that.

On one hand... great, about time! Hopefully we'll soon notice other fixes happening over time.

On the other... RIP the few memes that came from it.

YAY! Happy to hear that guys.

@Leonkh99 Bah. Memes never die.

I'm glad to see that they're receptive!

@Rezio I used to be a meme like that one until I took a barrel roll to the knee.

I will miss that one. But in the spirit of NA is was one of the more minor ToDos to get to. ;0 ;~)

My next favorite is that one UQ (Urgent Quest) where its in Japanese and then at the end. "..the location is Harukatan." 😹

o/ =^.^=

@ApollosAmour said in Minor note:

I'm glad to see that they're receptive!

Oh of course! Though they may not be as "high priority" as other things that come up, all issues are being addressed.

Yeah, "gods be" was fixed in June, but last I checked that text bubble still misspells anticipate as "antisicpate" and heretofore as "hereto for", but it's getting closer at least.

I still love the Feeling Nav Rappy mistranslation.

Everyone should feel like one at some point.