Almost incomprehensible story progression.

In the JP version, it used to make about 50% more sense because each cutscene was tied to an info-marker somewhere in the level you were playing. There could be multiple markers scattered throughout the level, so you had the choice to click one and access it, or just complete the level without stopping, and it would always be there for you if you decided to come back. I really do wish they kept it the old way, because continuity right now is nil - maybe the majority of players don't really care.

...And the fact that Matoi is nowhere to be seen in the gate area after you 'save' her, is baffling.

When was the last time you played JP? Cause as one of Episode 5's updates, JP dropped the Matter Board progression system in favour of the system we have now. Since the NA version uses the Episode 6 client, this ended up carrying over.

I differ in view. While some points of stitching together the stories are rougher than others, the concept of game as universe, the concept of cross-overs between 'worlds', and the overall mash-up of sci-fi and classic myths from various cultures is very accessible and easy to follow for me. And I did most of the content for explorations and leveling fun (i.e., without story). Then, I took some time off and binged Episodes 1-4 (PC-NA) and the only reason I'm not "complete" is I need to level up to 75 (likely 80, really) to do the corruption investigation and primal fights.

I didn't even notice the class trainers or Matoi or the alliance npc until nearly level 40. And I still haven't done ALL the client orders available. It's actually been really fun NOT to have to be on some treadmill of "this is long we want story to last, so this is how long you will grind."

I was disappointed that I levelblocked myself from completion. That's how trained the industry makes ya. I'm breaking that conditioning even now... will happily face roll expeditions to help the younglings and when the meter tells me I'm 80+, well, those two quests are in troubbbbbble.