[PC] Flickering edges/textures.

Hi, I've tried contacting support but they won't reply to me 🙃 So ever since launch I've been having a really distracting visual bug where the edges or textures of entities and the environment are jagged and "flicker" (the environment tends to improve once my character is closer to it but slightly farther away items are still bugged)

The best way I can portray it is with this cry.PNG The blue line is meant to be a solid line without these black pieces all over it. Moving around makes the black pieces flicker. (Note: This occurs no matter if all settings are low or high)

I've tried resetting my GPU settings, updating Windows and the GPU drivers, reinstalling PSO2, etc. If anyone has a clue on what I'm doing wrong or what could be done for this please let me know. Thank you!

Are you using an AMD or Intel GPU?

Did you set the GPU to be used in the NVIDIA control panel under global settings to the dedicated / NVIDIA GPU?

alt text

Setting it to "Auto select" (Which it is by default) will auto select the GPU based on the program run. PSO2 will default to intel GPU. You must set the dropdown in GLOBAL settings to use the nvidia GPU, do NOT try and set a PSO2.exe specific setting.

@coldreactive I don't have an integrated graphics card.

@Luna-Water5030 said in [PC] Flickering edges/textures.:

@coldreactive I don't have an integrated graphics card.

If you have a modern Intel CPU, it's part of the CPU, and thus you will always have one. It's one of the most annoying things Intel did, and makes most gamers annoyed to no end. AMD did something similar, but they only put it on their "APU" Line, so you can actually decide not to have it with them.

@coldreactive I have an AMD CPU. Here are my specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - CPU

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 - GPU

Gigabyte Technology Co. B450M DS3H - MoBo

Windows 10 64-bit

Update: Was able to capture the 'radius' of what's smooth and what's not (with the exception of entities)

Imgur Upload of Visual

(Note: This is what actually shows up in-game)