New Fallen Heroes ticket items seem to be missing from personal shop search

I guess the topic pretty much says it all. We got the new Fallen Heroes scratch ticket out, so I hit the shops to see what the prices were doing on the new items. Admittedly, I didn't search for every single item in the ticket, but I searched for a good bit. So far, I've been completely unable to find any of the items I searched for from that ticket in the personal shops. I could understand things being out of stock, but I refuse to believe on a ticket that's over 12 hours old now, that not a single one of the items I searched for exists.

Furthermore, I've used the shop system many times. I understand it's... quirky in how it's search works and that item names have to be exact to work, and it's best to use the search button at the top with a partial search, to find the whole name of an item before searching. So far I have tried numerous new items using that top search box and gotten 0 search results for what to even search for, I've also just searched for the exact names of the new items by hand as well. It seems like every (or maybe nearly? again, didn't check 100% of the items) item are missing from the shop system for some reason, or at least the search, I haven't tried generically browsing and stumbling into any yet.

and that item names have to be exact to work

Unless it was changed, JP search works with partial matches. So there's no reason why NA has to be exact.

Oh and, items that have a * before its name, have to have the * included in the search. Yes, really.

Yeah, I know, they're not working. I wonder if this is some kind of limitation of this new SG ticket. I know they've been controversial to begin with vs. the AC ones, but maybe these SG ones are bind on pickup only, in which case, that stinks.

The SG Scratch items are not tradable.