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I'm having trouble reaching this part of the support windows:

alt text

What actually happens is that an alternate window pops up, but it is a completely blank window, except that is has the PSO2 icon at the top left. The whole rest is blank. After a very short time, the window closes and I'm back to this:


It's like I'm trapped in a maze, what is all this? I could reach the support ticket forms before, but not anymore...

Try clearing your cookies, or using the site from another browser.

I tried resetting the cookies, and also using another browser, but all that I see is the same thing I described above, this blank window that vanishes quickly:


I wonder if this has something to do with the xbox that is installed with windows.

I have news about the support page. I can't still acess it, but this is new:


After filling the forms and checkmark, I've been sent to this:


And then everything starts over again.

This might have something to do with an open support ticket I've got since my PSO2 and Xbox emails weren't the same when I registered and it prevents verification of my support account so I cannot view open tickets.