[Informational] Want your feedback heard? Use the tools we have to your advantage.

  • There was been a large uptick in feedback and suggestions being posted in General, which may result in your feedback getting lost in a flood of posts.

  • The PSO2 Community Team handles both immediate support for user-submitted tickets and community engagement (social media, official forum, feedback collection). One of the challenges presented by this process is that the PSO2 Community Team has to take our feedback/ticket items, translate them to Japanese for the PSO2 development/administrative team, and wait until further instruction arrives. This means there is a significant delay between collecting tangible feedback, organizing it in a presentable manner, translating it to a different language, and submitting it for consideration.

  • To facilitate better feedback collection, we have a couple of tools at our disposal. The first is the Suggestion Thread. The purpose of this thread is for making in-game suggestions in a forum that allows other users to engage your suggestion in a constructive manner that either reinforces it or disagrees with it. It is not meant to be a forum for arguing, it is for collection feedback in a quantitative manner. The back-and-forth of arguing makes it more difficult and time consuming to determine the volume of support for that feedback.

  • A second and more effective tool that guarantees visibility (meaning it will be seen) is to submit a ticket through the support website. There is an option that allows for feedback, this is where you should focus on explaining the problem/solution is a qualitative manner. Providing quality feedback requires clearly identifying the problem/suggestion while being concise. Clear, descriptive, and in as few words as possible. Writing a story will only detract from your point.

I will provide a small "tutorial" of sorts to navigate through the ticket submission process:

The website for submitting a ticket requires using the "Contact Us" option from the main page.

Step 1.PNG

Which will then redirect you to another web page where you will have to click "Contact Us" once more.

Step 2.PNG

At this point you may have to sign-in once more. If so, use the same credentials you use for your PSO2 account. Once you are on the support page, go to the top right of the screen to "Submit a Request".

Step 3.PNG

After clicking it, you will be redirected to a form to fill out, but it won't fully load until after you select a category.

Step 4.PNG

For the purposes of feedback/suggestions, use the "General Request" topic.

Step 5.PNG

A second drop-down will appear for Ticket Category. In this example I chose Cash Shop.

Type in a subject that relates to your feedback/suggestion and a description that is Clear and concise. My description continues, but it isn't captured in this example.

After you submit it, a confirmation box will appear at the top right.


You will get a confirmation e-mail as well that contains the Reference # for your request.

If you haven't received one, verify your e-mail address by clicking on your user icon at the top-right.

Verify e-mail attached to account.PNG

Current "Hot Topics" for In-Game Suggestions: Temporarily disabling this section.

Character Appearance Related

Cheaters, Botters, Exploiters, ohmy!

BOT Sell M, Pls Ban it or Remove it

Will update again with other categories soon.

This is a good read if you don't know about where to post suggestions or are one of the people who just like to argue about it. Now just if we can get more people to read this information before posting elsewhere

This should be stickied.

This should be pinned 🙂 hopefully this helps people voice their worries about this SG scratch and future problems.

Providing an update as a reference:

If you look at this image below, you will see that the feedback ticket submission was responded to relatively quickly. It is a generic kinda of answer, but it shows that a staff member did get visibility on my individual opinion regarding the matter.

Ticket Response.PNG

Thank you for the information.

@Ranmaru said in [Informational] Want your feedback heard? Use the tools we have to your advantage.:

This should be stickied.

@Rs-Resonate said in [Informational] Want your feedback heard? Use the tools we have to your advantage.:

This should be pinned 🙂 hopefully this helps people voice their worries about this SG scratch and future problems.

I put a link to it in big words at the top of my guide mega-thread. But yes, it needs to be stickied: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/1096/guides-and-help-mega-thread

Since sometimes people post guides in general discussion.

We should also spread word of this around in game as well, as generally, it is a minority of the player base that checks the forums.

Greetings ARKS Operative!

Thank you for your feedback regarding the SG.

We will submit your suggestions to our developers for review and consideration.

Gratitude for your support.

  • Your PSO2 Team

So same response but worded a bit differently.

@Hatsodoom was a different moderator that responded to yours most likely.

If you enable pictures/links in the email you should be able to see the thumbnail of who it is.

Updated to provide a "hot-topics" section for in-game suggestions.

Provide any feedback if you like concerning the format/potential additions.

Is it fine to give this thread a bump time to time? It is definitely one that needs to be stickied and is highly relevant to the current situation on hand.

Also thought:

Would directly e-mail Sega's support work as well?


There is a list of Sega support e-mail addresses and phone numbers on their website, sorted by country as well.

@Archetype-Luna I don't think going through the SEGA e-mail would be too effective at this point. I am not even sure that they would forward it to the correct department. The PSO2 Community Team definitely has the best contact for forwarding feedback. It might feel difficult at times, but sending it through the proper channels and then periodically checking back in for updates would be the best approach.

I am GM Deynger and I approve of this message. 😉

But really though, thank you for posting this. We are always paying attention and communicating your feedback to the developers, however submitting feedback through support also helps.

Thanks Deynger, hopefully the developers listen to the player base and make corrections in due time. A late fix is better than no fix after all.