Questions about "minor issue"

Just recently a selling spam bot with PS****dotcom in his name (not a good symptom) was soo annoying in block 2 of my ship ppl even gradualy stoped talking in general chat and it ended full of spam shit... So, looking at how this is out of control now, i hav some questions mostly out of curiosity:

How hard is to block the site name? In other games blocking certain words and silencing bots is common, here looks like not even trying since they are not forced to use something like "P-S-O-2-****", they freely use their site name in chat since this started and is not a common word imposible to censor, so why are they still allowed to use it?

And following this, i cant help myself from thinking this is one of those cases were GMs hav no real ingame tools. Are the GMs here just comunity managers with no power to change anything ingame (thats the case in some free-to-play western releases)? Are they SEGA or Microsoft employees?

PS i know this a hybrid freemium game and some "garbage" is to be spected but common... thers a lot of things messed in PSO2NA not just the spam, havent seen this level of BS since DNEU disaster... plus i cant help being curious.

No idea regarding the GM's, Though Fatal came by the other day and muted a few spam bots for us on ship 3. Ahh well, The thing about adding site filters is the spammers will likely just adopt a new site if that happens.. It's kind of an MMO problem in general I think..

Unless they pay mods to consistently mute in game spam or something it's indeed sort of to be expected.

(I don't think any game does this, maybe there are exceptions but none that I am aware of at least)

After being reported by me and others still there

I know for sure in other games GMs block gold selling sites as part of their work, i hav no questions about it. My doubts right now are only about PSO2NA.

I think the bots starting getting more aggressive after noticing essentially nothing is being done about them.

@Vashzaron Yes i agree, at the begining they only jumped from block to block in main lobby but now they everywhere at all times.

Well.. If SEGA ever gets bored I suppose they could always attempt to take them to the cleaners through legal and make an example/scare future sites. Though I think it would be more ideal to just pay mods. Who knows... it doesn't bother me that much since I'll willingly use the mute function though I still can see how doing that would be annoying for others.

The annoying thing is this, mixed with other problems we all aware of, is a symptom of a bigger problem, is not just the fact that i hav to block some bot but well at least the missions gameplay is unaffected.