PQ Unable to Load because of Ep3 Visual Poster B. Item doesn't load when placed.

This is the response I got from the support team when I asked for an update about the situation. It is a few days old, but it sounds to me that people spending money on SG and bugging out there ENTIRE PQ is not priority. 856ac83f-e12e-453d-9f20-d629ad445b32-image.png

wow that's depressing...

I also placed this poster and now can't reach my room. Very depressing.

Seriously if they don’t want to put the effort to fix the poster then just remove it from the game and give a SG refund to everyone that bought it. Not being able to visit my own PQ is incredibly irritating. I can’t really see how this is that hard to fix except for them not bothering to try at this point.

We need GM response on the issue, it is not in the known issues on support page.

I’d appreciate a GM response as well. Could y’all at least make it possible to switch our primary rooms from room A to room B or the other way around from the visiphone so I could use my other room until this bug is fixed? Unfortunately at the moment the only way to switch primary rooms is IN your room which is no help at all currently. Or if that’s to hard let me switch my own room from any room terminal so I can go to someone else’s room and switch mine.

I've not had a response to my ticket after the initial reply, still can't enter PQ because of the poster. A response to this thread that they're working on a fix would be great

Yeah I’m getting the impression that no response is gonna be a thing for a while.

Hooray! That's 800 SG out the window. I'm guessing SoA is too busy rolling out updates and getting caught up with JP than troubleshooting and repairing the product. It's extremely disappointing considering the big announcement that furnishings won't carry over to New Genesis. At least let us enjoy the quarters we've spent time and money on while they're viable. 😞

@bendomino said in PQ Unable to Load because of Ep3 Visual Poster B. Item doesn't load when placed.:

I'm guessing SoA

Sega of America doesn't handle PSO2NA. Sega itself (Japan) does.

@KamikazeElite59 @Enthessi @Shazarak3693 @bendomino @Hecktaker @AgNinja8 A fix for EP3 Visual Poster B was found -- the issue is the game is trying to reference a file that does not exist on NA. Simply adding the file to the folder will fix it. This has also been directly sent to SEGA now.

A temporary fix until they add the fix on their end is found here: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/6259/ep3-visual-poster-b-unable-to-load-into-personal-quarters/26

It is recommended to do this fix AND REMOVE THE ITEMS UNTIL WE HAVE CONFIRMATION THAT IT IS FIXED. Other people will not be able to visit your Personal Quarters without the fix.

As for the 0x0 posters, this is a server side bug that can't be fixed client side right now. They have to deal with that themselves. Also, the 0x0 posters are now listed as "known issues"

Going on 3 weeks and I still can't enter my pq all because of episode 3 poster B. Put in a ticket and they said they are aware of the issue. Told them a week later to just remove it and scrap it for all i care, the loss of sg isn't a big deal. They told me they cant do that...TF?! Spend hundreds just to get brushed off when an issue arises. About to just play something else at this point...

@It-Me-Sweet if you do the fix for the bug, you should be able to place it now. As I am aware right now the bug is fixed. All of the posters are able to be placed into the house.

@PuddinPop it is not fixed. I was locked out of my PQ until i did the solution found here but that doesn't mean anyone else can enter your PQ

Well The posters that were bugged, I am able to place them in my PQ now and all of my PQ can come inside of my house. They haven't done the solution to fix it.