PQ Unable to Load because of Ep3 Visual Poster B. Item doesn't load when placed.

My PQ Is unable to load and is basically in a infinite loading screen. I believe it is because of Ep3 Visual Poster B, The item wouldn't load when being placed after I noticed I placed the item and left and then returned back and now have this issue.. Now I am unable to go into my PQ and farm for my rankings this week.

If you are in Ship 2 I could try to visit your room to see if its not just on your end. I have a EP3 Poster in my room and its fine.

Edit: My bad I have a PSO EP3 Poster (Not PSO2 EP3) but I could still try to visit your room if you want.

I am on Ship 3

I can confirmed that someone else went into my house and they were not able to load in as well. They were stuck in the infinite loading loop. This bug is game breaking.

I'm having the same bug with one of the Visual Posters from the SG Scratch. I think it's the Visual Episode 3 Poster as well. Thought it was weird that it had no graphic and upon trying to access my quarters the game gets stuck in an infinite loading loop.

can't even place it as it claims I don't own one despite it sitting in my inventory. Although wit the infinite room loading I sure don't want to until its fixed.

Upon purchasing a new poster from the Limited Time SG Swap Shop, I placed it in my personal quarters. It was bugged to where it did not display, but could be placed. After placing the poster, I am unable to access my personal quarters and the game sticks me into a constant loading screen. The poster that caused the bug is: EP3 Visual Poster B. I am on Ship 1.

I've noticed two items show as 0x0 space in the description which makes me wonder if that's causing the problems here.

@bendomino That is interesting because its not what is happening on the poster "EP3 Visual Poster B" which is being complained about here but on others, as well as 0 cost.

alt text alt text alt text

@Vashzaron Can you please elaborate? Are you saying that those other posters are also bugged as well?

I don't know, what I am pointing out is posters which are cost 0 and 0x0 is not the "EP3 Visual Poster B" being reported here.

Can confirm i'm in the exact same situation and posted a bug report about it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I do think they are bugged in some form, I don't have the infinite loading issue. However, I DO have the issue of not being able to place "Episode 1 & 2 Poster" and "Episode 3 Poster" in my PQ.

@infinityatmo That's what I have. It says I don't own the Episode 3 Poster I bought it and it is clearly in my inventory. Here's hoping maintenance tonight fixes the problem.

Nope issue is not fixed, waited a whole week and PQ is still bugged with infinite loading.