[Ship 3 NA] Second Story new alliance recruiting!

Alliance Name: Second Story

Ship No.: 3

Alliance Type: Casual/Team Play/Goal Oriented

Alliance Population: 6

Alliance Time Zone: PST/MST

Looking For:

  • Players who want to team up, get stronger, collect more things, and see everything PSO2 has to offer - or maybe just specific bits, your choice! If you're looking for people to play other games with as well, even better.


  • Second Story is a PC based gaming group built around the concept that games are just more fun in co-op. MMO, shooter, RPG, action, adventure - there's little we haven't or won't play (though our founding members don't touch PvP really).

Team Discord:

  • By invite. Send me a message to say hi if you're interested!

Started from a few friends, Second Story is an up and coming alliance looking to bolster its ranks. We’ll never be a huge group - hence our Ship 3 home - but we are interested in those looking for small groups and new friends to enjoy our time in PSO2, and other games for that matter. While this will be the main game home for now, the aim is to create a lasting group for wherever we may end up in the future!

Second Story should be a pleasant place to spend our time, and the rules for members are simple: keep it friendly and don’t cause trouble! No drama, no trolling, no harassment - you know the drill.

We’ve got a Discord channel up and running, and our existing group uses voice chat regularly. It’s not required of course, but there’ll definitely be voice channels available and in use.

Standard playtime for original members are weekends (Sat/Sun) and mornings/evenings.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

~ Zephyr

Now active in game! Been in a few days, got things up and running, along with a few new entrants. Short term aiming for that 12 member bonus from the Alliance event, but more importantly just trying to find people that get along with the group!