Overwhelming negative response to the current SG scratch prices.


People are bored, People are quitting, People were okay with AC scratches because you could trade the items, SG tickets introduce a really nasty way on a second premium currency that cannot be easily earned in our client version - can you fix this before you actually piss away the remainder of the playerbase?

I don't know why people feel compelled to use SG Scratches.

All the costumes are ugly. It was a crappy scratch in JP and is a crappy scratch now. It will always be a crappy scratch regardless of how much SG they give us.

Always save your SG for triggers and SG Support items. Never any of the other tacky stuff.

The only thing that seems interesting to me is the attack receptors but I'm still not going to invest in those with SG.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in Overwhelming negative response to the current SG scratch prices.:

It was a crappy scratch in JP and is a crappy scratch now. It will always be a crappy scratch regardless of how much SG they give us.

Except that on JP it was 2 separate scratches that lasted 6 months each. And JP has more ways of earning SG. And JP has less SG sinks (not fresh finds shop, no battle pass).

@John-Paul-RAGE Even if not doing SG scratches, the serious lack of ways of gaining SG is worrying. 1400 SG? to expand collection folder and then if people have SG upkeep on material or extended storage, those 1 time story line SG isn't going to be enough.

@Ezodagrom I understand we have less ways to earn it, but the point stands that the items from it are ugly and tacky anyways. This will only be an issue to people with complexes who feel everything should be easily accessible to them.

I can say I never once considered using the SG scratch in the past (for cosmetic items) and never will in the future, so the duration of it doesn't mean much to me.

@HarmlessSyan my argument has nothing to do with our SG gains, it has to do with the SG scratch was always garbage and if it is the reason someone quits then they were gonna quit anyways.

@John-Paul-RAGE You may not like the cosmetics on the SG scratch, but other players may want them. Plus it doesn't bode well for the future either.

@John-Paul-RAGE FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real business practice and used in more places than just this game. You have good self-control and do not give into impulse buys, many people do not.

The big deal to me is that I have to reeeeallllllyyyy over micromanage my SG expenditures because there are sooooooo mmmmaaaannnnyyyy SG sinks in the NA version. Generating SG does not keep up with the burn, unlike in JP where it feels much more balanced. You now have to ignore something they have to constantly throw in your force. If they aren't going to give me more ways to generate SG, I want the option to turn off all advertisements asking me to spend SG. It's getting obnoxious at this point.

@Seedeus I have bad control when it comes to triggers, haha. I like having the option to do a quest when I want to.

I can understand the issues and complaints over lack of SG gains, but people blowing gaskets over cosmetic items will never make sense to me. It doesn't matter how the problem is framed, it is a system that (until the support scratch comes out) offers 0 replay value or progression, so I won't understand the emotional investment.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in Overwhelming negative response to the current SG scratch prices.:

but people blowing gaskets over cosmetic items will never make sense to me

People have different types of gameplay, like how people can say they wont understand why you wouldnt want to glamour your character and go Generic Ash.

@John-Paul-RAGE Whether you like it or not, cosmetics are a part of the game, and some players may enjoy the cosmetics side of things more than the others parts.

Either way, just the fact that the NA version is more predatory than JP when it comes to microtransactions is enough for the complaints to be reasonable. Things won't change if people don't complain.

@Ezodagrom Agreed, it is becoming so obvious now that I am happy to see this subject imploding on itself as it should. "We" were sounding the alarms when Mission Pass was introduced, people told us to be calm and wait. We sounded the Alarms when Fresh Finds were introduced, we were told to stay calm and wait. Now the SG tickets have pushed people to a tipping point. I'm happy people are now starting to wake up that the JP and NA versions are not equal treatment by a longshot. That is my biggest talking point, If they two made you spend the same money but in a different way, I would be fine ... but it's not, we (NA) are paying more for less value.

SG scratch is ugly so who care's is the weirdest and dumbest logic I've ever seen. Even if you don't want the SG outfits, you will at some point want Attack Receptors one day. <- If you want to make 300 attack units one day you need these. And trust me, this game is 100% fashion end-game because it's so easy and you will have nothing left to do except get more cosmetics at some point.

This is just ridiculous. They turned the 40 SG badge ticket into a scratch bonus, instead of an actual item. So now you have TWO MONTHS to get 3,200 SG if you don't get lucky on a pull. In a version with more SG sinks and less SG rewards they could at least lower prices or make the scratch last longer. Even if you're a whale you're already spending money at twice the rate because the frequency of scratches to catch up. You're blatantly being played and half of you are defending it lmao. Use your brains and stop supporting predatory microtransactions. SG Support scratches will be coming and then it's no longer all about cosmetics, and by that time you will all have no SGs because they've been baiting you with FOMO.

@LapisWave my character is fabulous, thank you, and can become so with meseta.

@Ezodagrom those players have to measure their priorities and make a decision based on that information. If cosmetics are more important than everything else, there are some lovely browser based games I can refer them to.

We know there is an issue with SG as a resource. Making 25 threads to complain about what we already knew was happening is not gonna do much. People should spend the energy putting in tickets and encouraging each other to do the same.

Nath I'd only consider them if manners of getting SG gets better, otherwise no, not getting it.