PSO2 NA specifically isn't gonna survive if it keeps up. GMs TAKE NOTICE

I want to start by making one thing extremely clear,I love the PSO series. I have been a massive fan for well over 15 years. But the state of the NA PSO2 version just worries me. Let's face it,the launch already had put a big dent on this game,these issues are still not fixed to this day either and we got no communications on the matter either. Then comes the monetization,yes it exists on the JP version,but it works because the structure is different(I'll let people who knows JP better than me to explain how). But the NA version seems to really want to squeeze every single penny from our pockets and I am starting to feel like the devs(not the GMs,mind you),just won't care for the health of the game in the long run. If PSO2 dies,its going to be because of all these issues,not because of the content in the game,not because of the botched out translation or anything else.

I think it is too early to judge that, even with sg tickets. Let us see how Episode 4 does. I think things will go smoother from there, especially since there will probably be other platforms.

@Ranmaru I really want to be hopeful,but the way its going now,things aren't looking great...

I doubt the game will tank. Many players are like me who wanted to get into this game for so long outside JP that we'd over look any glaring issues. And things are going to be picking up here in the next few months. Crafting being the first big step and being followed by Hero. The game will likely stay up as long as JP's is purely because many people don't have a pc or don't want to go through the effort to setup a JP account and get PSO2 JP.

@Knight-Raime As much as I don't want to be an ass,this is the reason why nothing ever changes. People willing to just take it deep and say nothing.

@Morgothryuzaki said in PSO2 NA specifically isn't gonna survive if it keeps up. GMs TAKE NOTICE:

@Knight-Raime As much as I don't want to be an ass,this is the reason why nothing ever changes. People willing to just take it deep and say nothing.

I already said my piece in the forums discussing it. I don't support what's happening right now. I just mean that i'm not going to stop buying premium to play this game. Nor can I guarantee i'll never buy another AC scratch ever again as long as i'm playing. I just accept that my opinion means basically nothing. And i'd rather continue to enjoy playing a game I genuinely enjoy than quit playing because I don't approve of it's handling of sales.

We can keep moving the goal post sure ... But August is the last time I am moving it... I will go back to playing this game as a free/casual if they don't make an effort to fix this BS. We are practically being asked to pay double for less value than JP. It feels like this was to curb the lost of their western players from JP servers whom they treated as "no big deal" in the past. Now its like, "I wonder how far and long we can gouge these idiots until the game tanks." Im not saying this is their exact mentality, but this is how it feels (to me) like NA is being treated.

@Seed-Faux It just doesn't sit right to me either tbh... And it pains me to say that I'd be basically casual playing it too.

I actually agree with Knight on this one. I will be vocal about my opinions of the game, and will do my best to be smart with my investment in the game, but I will likely still be playing the whole year, I love PSO.

@Knight-Raime it's kinda funny because it's obvious that the only opinion they care about is from the people buying scratches, as long as you all keep your wallet open for SEGA they're going to keep exploiting you disregarding other aspects of the management.
Just a little food for thoughts, also they care almost nothing for people paying premium, it's pocket money compared to a few pulls in any scratch.

Considering for me at least the game is entirely free (I can play every class, level up to max level, play every stage, every story mission, obtain every item, have no cap on how much Meseta I have, wear any outfit I obtain, etc.), NOTHING in the cash shop bugs me. NOT A DAMNED THING. MMOs with subscriptions charge $30 for a mount. FFXIV charges $12-18 for 1 costume for 1 character. Changing your character appearance (like race, height and stuff) costs $10 (Fantasia). This is all on top of a game you have to buy to play, with expansions every 2-3 years at $40 price points, with sub fees.

When this game launched in Japan, they only had Episode 1. It's been 8 years since the game released, and they are now at Episode 6. Sega decided to allow the western players to get the game incrementally so we could experience most/all of the game without feeling rushed or feeling overwhelmed. We are now about to have Episode 4 in August, which is at the 6 month mark. By the end of the year we'll be caught up with Episode 6, which will put us at about 10 months. So we got 8 years worth of updates in 10 months time. What are you guys gonna do when we ARE caught up, and it takes a year or more to get a new episode, instead of a few months? Content is going to be MUCH, MUCH slower.

We are also seeing a hard rush with scratch tickets. I believe in Japan scratch tickets came out slower and lasted longer. Here a typical AC scratch lasts 1 month with a new one every week or two. SG ticket pulls lasted 6 months in Japan, here they are lasting only 2 months. I believe this is largely due to us being on an accelerated release schedule.

The content drop and Scratch releases are NOT the problem imo. I do not, however, agree with how few means of obtaining SG we have. THAT is the major flaw with the game right now (outside of it breaking people's harddrives and stuff, but that's not what I'm talking about right now). If we are going to be getting things at an accelerated rate, and if that includes SG stuff, then logically we should be getting Star Gems at an accelerated rate to match.

However, NONE of this imo is a reason to stop playing or to even stop spending money if you like something. If enough people boycott the SG scratch stuff and don't buy SG from the cash shop, eventually it should hit home. I feel like people are overreacting with a lot of stuff.

I also feel like people wanting to have all of the content JP has should just wait until December or go back to JP.

Again, I DO NOT agree with how rare SG is in the NA servers. That is definitely a money milking attempt. At the same time it doesn't phase me, because it does not affect the actual gameplay or gameplay content, it only affects what outfit/hairstyle I could potentially have on. There's enough stuff obtainable for free that it is a non-issue for me.

@Ciel Also worth noting that the scratches in JP have less items, so there is a higher chance of getting what you want from them. They combined scratches. The SG issue is definitely the biggest issue though, and I do believe that the SG Scratch is a whole other issue. The Xion hair, I was told that you could get it via badges in JP. The SG scratch also suffers greatly from the item pool dilution, where multiple scratches are put together into one.

Also, the SG rarity does affect a non-cosmetic issue: the material storage. The Material Storage is often considered to be a borderline must have on how huge of a QoL improvement it is.

You should also consider the possibility that letting them get away with one money milking attempt, will make them think they can get away with more and that they will keep pushing it and pushing it. It's better to deal with it now then let it fester.

This game isnt expected to last long in the west To begin with

I'll wait for a year before fully judging. I'm a big fan of the entire Phantasy Star franchise and have bought all of the Phantasy Star games that came out in NA. I'm glad people are criticizing Phantasy Star Online 2 for it's flaws, you can be a fan of a franchise and still acknowledge it's flaws.

Yeah, for a lot of us, the reason why we are so vocal is because we care a lot about the series. Phantasy Star does not have a good service record in the west and that has greatly hurt it in the west.