SG only items are too expensive for how much you get (free and paid)

Right now with SG scratch tickets coming and no effective way to 'grind' for SG, the only option is to buy stupidly overpriced SG. For AC tickets, you can buy 12 for somewhere around $28-30 dollars canadian (with no options to neatly buy the correct amount which is a whole other issue altogether but unrelated to the topic), but the SG tickets will cost 960 for 12 (or if they have the price so you get a freebie essentially, 880), which costs over $40 canadian.

This is absurd and the worst part is that SG ticket items are completely untradeable, so even if you get an item you didn't want or doubles you cannot sell/trade them to at least turn it into some meseta for something else.

Next up, we don't even have any method of farming free SG outside of buying outfits and throwing them on alts for 22 hours. Even if we get the current methods available in JP, you still don't get nearly enough to offset how abysmally priced the shop SG is. So now players have to decide between whether they want to fork out literally hundreds of dollars to get what they want, or decide between the mission pass and material pass or SG scratch tickets.

Then the other problem is that the material pass locks some seriously important features behind it, like being able to turn in quests or craft using material items directly from your storage. This seriously is nickle and diming bullshit to the highest degree and there is absolutely no good reason to gate this stuff behind SG, especially when it makes the difference between not bothering with crafting at all because of the hassle to actually being kind of sane to utilize.

This game is incredibly fun in spite of how predatory the monetization in this game is, and would probably make even more money if it weren't determined to suck whales (myself included, hah) dry and in turn scare off anyone else that may have considered purchasing stuff ingame.

True words right here! BEAUTFIUL ❤ give this guy a medal!!!

If this was JP and we had the same amount of SG acquisition as they do, I'd be laughing at posts like this...

However, we don't and I fully support the things you and other have brought up. We really should not of been given a SG scratch. I will hold my SG for items that aren't RNG in nature to obtain, like Fresh Finds. I'm disappointed in how they're trying to milk the players like this, and pressure you to spend SG on multiple things.

Even if we had all the same regular in-game SG farming methods it's not enough to peck at the SG scratch at a healthy rate, have a stash ready for when the fresh finds shop brings in something nice and purchase secondary services like Material Storage. To explain it simply, copy-pasting the exact same SG scratch fomula that JP has is not viable with the difference between NA and JP SG economy. Even IF we had both IDOLA points and PSO2es like JP does, there's still far more services asking for SG than JP has to balance out all of the SG payouts.

At the very least, if we're not going to have access to the weekly SG provided by the phone games that are probably never coming over to the west, we should at least have more weekly campaigns that provide extra SG to continue to inject SG in-game. That one week where we got like 100SG for just logging in was a great example (which for reference for NA players, isn't even that big of a payout on JP when you can get 100 free SG EVERY WEEK just by letting IDOLA play itself on your phone.) That or provide more event rewarded SG scratch tickets, again another reward given out at least once every SG scratch window since the start of EP6.

Inb4 "We'll bring it up with the devs!" and then nothing actually happening.

@Solva-tan Well, it isn't like the GM's have any direct control over the game. They're just the messenger.

The fact that they straight up DENIED us the trade in for casino coins to gems has me very, very worried. What about battle arena coins? Buster medals? Prize medals from Armada? I still have some story quests to complete but I cannot afford this scratch, I just unlocked the first of my gem collection sheets and have barely enough for this mission pass (which has cast parts i want, don't even get me started about trying to afford material storage) The JP staff overtly said when implementing Star Gems that they were meant to be a currency primarily earned through in-game efforts, with the purchase avenue being supplementary. We have jack-all for gem income so this scratch appears to be unreasonably predatory. I seriously hope they address this and soon, because it feels like a huge blemish to an already shaky game.

@IAMCRAIG said in SG only items are too expensive for how much you get (free and paid):

@Solva-tan Well, it isn't like the GM's have any direct control over the game. They're just the messenger.

They aren't wrong though. That's what we're going to get and that'll be that. After the 50th, "we passed the message on!" without so much as a response to ANY of the multitude of issues players have brought up since the beginning, it's getting real old real quick. If I ever had to explain this forum and the average player experience here, all I'd say is "talk to a brick wall for 2 months straight. The back and forth we get with the devs is basically like that."

We know SG ticket pricing isn't going to change. That'd involve a lot of retro reimbursement and whatnot and I'm not sure they even have the capabilities for that. They aren't going to make stuff tradeable because that'd be a logical thing to do, (which would seriously help solve A LOT of this) and we're not magically going to get new ways to obtain SG for the better half of this scratches existence.

What they should at the VERY LEAST do, seeing as we have less than half of the ways to get SG that JP does, AND they basically doubled the pool, is to DOUBLE the length of the scratch to make up for the !@#$ SG gains we have, and DOUBLE IT AGAIN because the pool is 2x as large as JPs. Then, basically triple that to balance it out seeing as ours lasts 3x shorter than theirs.

Yeah but then they won't be able to squeeze in ep4 character stuff in time for the next round of sg scratches. Because everyone loves Ophiel right?

Posting my support for this. Also, as i said in the other thread, if the game is gonna release another untradeable SG scratch, at least make it have only items sought after. I don't think too many would like a music track over the rest of the outfits, since this scratch seems to be heavily focused (more than the Ac ones) on fashion.

I'm also just going to go out of my way to post in this thread for just how awful this ticket is. Just make it trade-able and the issues will be solved. RNG with SG while being untradeable? You can get out of here with that. The whole of AC Tickets is if you get crap, you can sell it for meseta and buy what you were trying to get. You get a duplicate and it just has to sit in your storage? You get a item that isn't your main's gender and you end up shoving it to an alt you only play to generate meseta?

We're barely that far from Release and we're already doing moves like this? This is content that people can't get, and it's infuriating them. These items need to show up on Fresh Finds shop within this ticket's duration, but you could also make the argument that is a slap to the faces of people desperate enough to roll the odds to get whatever item from the ticket.

I can't stress how stupid this ticket is in the current state of the game. It makes me wary of the future of this port.

So in a year or so, when the devs have milked the game, and it's failing, are they gonna say "We tried and it failed". Or are they going to actually try and do something now and fix things like this?

I really want to play this game, both me and my bf have put quite a bit into it financially, both being whalish for a while at the start. But noticing a pattern of things requiring more-and-more irl money, started to hold back.

And with this added SG scratch, yeah, unless something gets added where we can actually earn SG in-game, to actually be able to get something I actually want from it, seeing as the RNGness of it is rubbish. It's highly likely I'm just gonna stop putting any money into this game at all.

To say that this game is rated T, that the complete limitation on getting the currency to buy these random items. It's not really just "simulated gambling" any more.

@Meow2835 said in SG only items are too expensive for how much you get (free and paid):

I really want to play this game, both me and my bf have put quite a bit into it financially, both being whalish for a while at the start. But noticing a pattern of things requiring more-and-more irl money, started to hold back.

I was hearing that whales were burning out from the weekly AC scratches. Sad to hear that it's actually true. Matching the break-neck speed of catch-up with game content along with the monetization is hurting this game pretty bad.

@IAMCRAIG Damn right, the predatory bullshit this game has come up with is out of fucking control. Def done buying from them till they figure out how to treat customers better.

Yeah I'm staying away from using any real money as well for now because I don't feel confident about their respect for their consumers. Even if they decide to add new ways to earn sg when episode 4 comes out they are clearly now testing the waters just to see how much money they can make right now and then decide to stick with this bullshit or ease up. I'm keeping my expectations low.

It's really sad because I started this game a little over a month ago and aside from a couple of things like the material storage and other things basically being a monthly subscription I really enjoy playing the game and I like to spend some money on it from time to time as a way to get nice stuff and at the same time support the company but if this is how they're going to be then I just want to give them my middle finger and move on to another game instead.