(Ship 2)Legacy Alliance looking for smaller allys that would like assistance in end game farming/content

In every mmo I've played there are always smaller alliances/communities that are very active but need help in doing end game content due to their lack of members. Some mmos account for this by having pacts or diplomacy but that doesn't really exist in phantasy star. Basically the reason for this post is im looking for smaller alliances that are still VERY ACTIVE but just dont have as many members either because they are just beginning or they just prefer a smaller community. These alliances will be able to join our closed 12MPAs when there are open spots and members of my alliance can also assist if your alliance needs members for 12MPAs. We will communicate in a small discord group chat with 4-5 members from each alliance(your most active members) So if your interested just private message me or reply to this post!

I was looking for something like this for some of our more active members. We are a somewhat large EU based alliance but our numbers fluctuate over the day. Would be cool if you could establish something like ingame LFG Group Chat for both of our Alliances for end game stuff like Ultimates Quests / CMs and/or Urgent Quests.

Feel free to contact me ingame or over Discord.

  • Discord ID: T4ke#1645

  • Ingame ID: T4ke