SG Tickets are now official. Thoughts?

None of this matters if they planned to ruin NA from the start... Isn't it enticing... to put no effort in releasing NA Pso2.... taking translations from fans or copy pasting item descriptions on 200 different items... Selecting popular items to mash up and release in scratches.... adding more ways to spend money because gaijins have no self control... just to make fast cash and watch the game burn after? ISN'T IT?! :^)

I hope gms see this thread and something is done because I agree with all of this. This is bad timing especially when we are lacking on content to give us sg right now.

Seeing that this scratch has come back has made me quite upset and honestly kinda wants to make me migrate back to JP, since one of my favourite outfits in the game is in this one and I already bled myself dry trying to get it on the JP side years ago... except now I'd have to do it again, but now it's even worse because this is two SG scratches smushed into one—diluting the drop pool even further—and running for only one third of the time. Plus... y'know, everyone with the extremely valid point that earning SG on the NA servers is ridiculously difficult compared to JP. I just... man, what a disappointment.

How much you wanna bet this remains as is, nothing changes, and Microsoft just laughed because most likely, Microsoft is calling the shots here.

I mean if this is how they're gonna treat NA going forward i'm more than happy to stop dropping hundos on the gacha and go back to JP where i'll spend no money since getting cosmetics on the market is easy enough with more options and better playerbase treatment in general, we don't even get the same amount of time for the SG scratch as JP usually gets, and we barely have the SG obtaining options that JP does either.

The SG options in japan aren't great either and will contribute to player burnout as it's something you regularly have to work on in order to keep the SG flowing.

It's out and the items are confirmed non-tradable.

Not much of a surprise, but now that the ticket is out it's too late for any real changes without more chaos...Yikes.

Just took a look at this and wanted to voice my opinions. I like the outfits. I -want- the outfits. However, the price is ridiculous. Looking over it, after 40 scratches you get a whopping..1 free ticket. With current star gem prices that means a total of 3200 gems which comes out over $100 USD. For 1 extra star gem ticket. This is beyond ridiculous. With our current pricing, star gem tickets should be at most 20-40 SG. Even then, that's pushing it.

I also have problems with it being account bound. This means I can't even save meseta to buy the item. This also means that the fresh finds shop is forcing me to choose between that, which is unknown, and the SG tickets. Even then, the fresh finds shops are too expensive and costs should be cut by 50-75% on those. Right now, the only way to get star gems is wearing outfits for 22 hours. You can do the story and and complete it on hardcore, but that's a limited supply and doesn't even give you enough for a full scratch of 12. I have 4 characters which means, at most, I can get 40 star gems per day. A ticket every other day to roll through the massive prize list of which some items I may not even be able to use or sell or trade to get something else.

I like PSO2. However, account bound items should not exist. Period. Everything should be able to be sold and traded for meseta and the prize lists of these scratch items need to be cut by about 30-50%. There are simply too many items in them and too much filler. Over all, I'm very disappointed with this. I have 500 star gems saved up. Apparently, that's nothing.

This is exhausting.... with the shorter amount of time the scratch is available, I do agree that at the very least the prices per scratch should be reduced considerably, because 80 per scratch makes maybe a little more sense when you have 6 months, and half of the items in the scratch to obtain like how it was originally instead of 2 scratches being smashed into one. But when you have 2 months to get twice the number of items at 80 sg a pop? That's just not right!

Holy shit, I looked at the prize list for it and there's a ton of variations of each Falz outfit, innerwear you can't see unless you upskirt someone and accessories you can barely see.

Good luck to anyone that is insane enough to spend the money they'd need to get the things they want out of this, since there isn't enough SG in the game from a fresh account to afford this.

Everything about it is kind of just absolute garbage. The way they handle SG in general is just a laughable scam at this point. At this rate, it really feels like they plan to milk as much money from NA player base as possible, then shut it all down and run with the money.

So many variations of things in this scratch that the odds of getting the item you actually want are so damn low.

The shortened life of this scratch is pretty unacceptable while the price of a pull is still the same, while our sources of SG are still smaller. Very disappointing to see.

@IAMCRAIG said in SG Tickets are now official. Thoughts?:

The SG options in japan aren't great either and will contribute to player burnout as it's something you regularly have to work on in order to keep the SG flowing.

Yah but at least they have that option, we don't. That's part of the issue.

We best get the options JP server has come the August patch or SG Scratch is a big cash grab.