i see thats very helpful forum 16 after i made this post no 1 reply with any answer

ESC > System > Options > Control Settings > Keybind Settings (Keyboard) > Window > set Confirm to Enter and Apply Changes & Return

(it would be wise to change Begin Chat in ESC > System > Options > Control Settings > Keybind Settings (Keyboard) > Standard View and OTS View > to something close to enter like for example ' or \ ) Idea here is Sega didnt think before implementing this feature (layered keybinds so for example attack button can have different functions if you open window/menu for example cancel or confirm or jump to next window tab) and so we can set enter to start chat and confirm/interact resulting in opening chat if you will try to pick up item or interact with object/npc

simple solution would be to make (or give us option to enable/disable) Enter key only work for <Start chat and send text> and not be allowed to be used for anything else ingame

so im googling it like 2 hour already and i just cant find it i can start chat by pressing enter key but when i type in message and hit it again it just close chat instead of sending message is that normal or do i need to change something in options for it to send message with enter and im playing on default keyboard setup i didnt change there anything