[Ship 2] Game On Alliance is recruiting

Leader: Mal (Maledictam)

Officer: Caelistia

Type: Casual, Chill

Alliance Requirements: None. All levels and play styles are welcome!

Alliance Description: Very active yet casual, new alliance

Alliance Level: 5, Hot Springs base

Alliance Activities:

  • Active daily, both in-game and on discord (online most days UTC-6)

  • Daily order, advanced missions, ultimate quests and urgent quest runs

  • Casino groupings

  • Once we have more members, we would love to start doing weekly quests together with a full alliance grouping

  • We are open to ideas and suggestions from new members

About Us:

Game On was started by husband and wife duo, Mal and Caelistia, on the North American servers on first operating day, and we were joined by several online friends we've met through various games over the years. With many hours of gameplay, Mal and Caelistia currently have all character classes maxed out and will be working on end-game content. Our other alliance members have to play sporadically and are still working as they can on leveling up. We would love to help you in your leveling, and enjoy running advance quests as well as ultimate quests.

Everyone is welcome in this alliance, both new players and old, and we would love to meet with you and work together to have fun as we grind out that exp. We are laid back, and though we are not veteran JP players, we have learned a great deal about this game since it first came to NA. If you would like to join a smaller group of "adultish" people working together and helping each other out, then Game On is the alliance for you!

Please feel free to DM either Mal or Caelistia with any questions.

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