pso2 doesnt start

My PC doesn't respond when I try to start it

I was able to start it until am...

I don't have the time to write a guide for you but you basically have three options:

  1. use the Tweaker to download and install the game. Follow ALL of the North American directions for installing:

  2. use this thread to fix the windows store permissions yourself:

  3. reinstall the game through windows store again and play it until it deletes itself, again.

Hopefully the launcher/windows issue will be fixed when the game launches on Steam, if not before. Sorry I couldn't be more help, and I'm only assuming your installation of the game deleted itself, but that's always what happens to our PC's when it does.

@Bette thanks,

Every time I log out, it seems that it does not start for some reason

I will try various things