Trying to log into the game lately has been a lottery.

When I say false maintenance in the title, it's almost as simple as that would suggest. By all accounts, the ships are online, any service status check shows it, and you can see people in Live playing the game already - but trying to log in, the ship select shows all ships as "Under maintenance" and getting online at this point is a guessing game.

Sometimes the game needs a file check, sometimes it won't work.

Sometimes you have to reboot your PC, sometimes that does nothing either.

Sometimes you have to reset your internet connection, which is just absurd, and again, sometimes that doesn't work.

Sometimes you need to pull a combination of the three, and sometimes, nothing you do fixes it.

And speaking of under maintenance ships, Has anybody else ever logged into ships 4, 5 and 6? Ever since launch, they have always showed as under maintenance for me, never once has the game said they're online. I feel like launching under Microsoft is still causing some of the weirdest problems I've seen in any game, I guess I've just been lucky until now to never have given a damn about any other games on the MS service. This game should have remained standalone like in JP, or at least launched on a functional system like Steam, GOG or Epic.