3 tail kitsune bugs out in combat

The accessory glitches out and elongates randomly during combatpso2 2020-07-14 11-14-43.jpg

here is another example pso2 2020-07-14 11-44-24.jpg

Is that a graphical glitch or are you just happy to see me?

Stuff like that can often times be related to your graphics card drivers. Make sure that they are up to date, or if they are, try a clean reinstall of them. I would usually also recommend doing a file check for the game as it could also be corrupted files, but with all the installation issues, I hesitate to do so.

@AndrlCh no luck, in the first place I always do a clean install of my drivers by uninstalling it with DDU and install a clean driver without GEFORCE EXPERIENCE, but i tried what you said and verified my game files and reinstalled my driver(its the latest version).

I'll take this as a game bug for now until further inspection. If others who have the item report they have any problems with pairing this accessory with the katana braver moveset, we could futher pinpoint the source of the problem.

pso2 2020-07-14 13-39-56.jpg

btw driver versions i used were DCH game ready driver 451.67 and DCH game ready driver 451.48, dunno if using standard drivers will fix this problem but I suspect it most likely wont.

and to add it only happens sometimes, but it still happens, and the elongation of the model isnt permanent