tier mission bug concerning defeating rappies

I currently have the premium pass - and have an ARKS tier mission to defeat 5 rappies - literally just says defeat a total of 5 rappies with a note of enemies must be Lv.1 or above - I have killed well over a dozen on various explorations and it isn't counting any of them - still says 0/5 when I know for a fact I have killed atleast 2 or 3 dozen of them on various explorations and ARKs missions - I can only guess it may be bugged somehow and after trying a couple different tricks to try and unbug it - like logging out and and back in - completely exiting game and starting it again - it still isn't counting any that I defeat towards this - wierd but figure I can leave this here and hope it gets some attention - thanks for any help

Have you tried doing the Nab/Nav Rappy capture ARKS Mission (under Sub Missions)? Because defeating rappies via the "ARREST" Emergency code doesn't trigger their "downed" state, and simply erases them once they're defeated the first time.

Otherwise, you might have to defeat a rappy both the initial and second time when they get up after being downed.

It also might want you to defeat the Uncommon Rappy variant, which is the "Big anime eye" version that looks more fluffy. If it's this one, it means that the ARKS Mission is actually taking it literally, as the "Uncommon" Rappy variant doesn't have the prefix "Nav/Nab."

Oh and, as a little fun fact, the "Nab" is literal, the rappies can actually steal meseta and consumables from you if you aren't careful.

@coldreactive I tried several explorations - after having no luck in those, I tried the nav rappies one - nothing - havent had any of the fluffier ones spawn for me so that might be it - in which case thats a massive pain lol - well best I can do is just keep trying for now - if it is that - then rngessus just hates me lol

oh and to clarify I always wait for them to try to run away and hit them a second time - grinders and worth stocking up on - which is what I usually get from them.

@capitalG386 It does need to be the fluffy rare Rappy. Nav Rappies never count for anything that calls for just Rappies. If you are high enough level, you can find a guaranteed group of 6 Rappies (they are technically seasonally themed ones, but they do count) on the fifth floor of the solo Heaven and Earth Extreme Quest.

Outside of that, you have a higher chance of finding them in Advanced Quests since those have a Rare Enemy Appearance increase.

@AndrlCh huh wierd - but thanks - now I know - and wasn't so much aiming at the nav rappies - was doing various explorations and after nothing counting just figured "what the heck" and gave it a try lol