Please HELP - PlayerShop Cannot be reasonably gotten as F2P?

Wow. So, I have premium & planned to from the start, BUT I told several of my friends that they would NOT NEED PREMIUM in order to play PSO2.

It seems a liar has been made out of me. I'll take responsibility for inaccurately informing my friends, I should have paid better attention during "Animana's Guide" that the chance for 3days of shop use is less chance than a 50m AC scratch prize.

I personally find all of "Animana's guides" on YouTube to be EXTREMELY MISLEADING. but i'm not here to vent about how there is NO INFORMATION about the FEATURES of PSO2 easily available to find with a search.

These misleading guides based around the beta test or jp client, barely tailored to NA release, are their own issue by itself.

I'd like a serious answer, before yet another one of my friends quits PSO2 when i tell them that "pso2 is NOT REALLY F2P as advertised" and no, my other friends left because MicroSoft Store uninstalled their game & they were just not big fans of MS in the first place to put up with such a disaster.

Is there actually any way to get the PlayerShop Feature without paying $7 for the 30days use or buying premium?

Please no BS, do not reference me to another terrible Animana Guide. I watched them all 10times and I'm done giving that person views they did not earn from me.

If there is no way to make Meseta in PSO2 via playershop as a F2P-er, then Microsoft/Sega needs to consider relabeling this game, as it is missing a significant feature critical to gameplay. IE the ability to make ingame money from selling your drops. (core mechanic)

If there is a way to buy/rent player shop with SG or a different way with FUN that i cannot find mentioned anywhere relevant to the NA release (seriously why is there no info about the NA version of this game online that isnt an Animana video?) Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

If another one of my friends quits this game, i may be much less inclined to renew my own premium.

Thanks for hearing me out

Just scratch the FUN since there is no other way. It's about 20k FUN or so per shop ticket average from my experience, which seeing how some EQs can give you more than fifty excubes per time slot, is a fair enough price. The only annoying thing is actually going through the process of scratching fun, which you should do on an alt with dedicated character storage for FUN items.

Yep, spent 50k FUN on the first Shop Ticket, it was painful but it's not like you generally lose anything. The items you want to sell don't vanish. They might fall in value but for most things this isn't true or the process happens rather slow. I'd usually just Scratch enough to have a Ticket and one in reserve, if i really have something i wanna flip fast.

Yes it requires you to spend a rather substaintial amount of Excubes, but in the end you get those by playing the game. It's enough to have a shop ticket like once a week or one every two weeks, fill up your shop to the brim and then wait for stuff to sell. The 3 day period is usually enough to get rid of fast selling stuff, before you eventually fill the 30 slots up with slow sellers and wait till you have a reasonable amount of stuff to sell.

If anything this is more accessible "freemium" than most games that outright lock you behind subscriptions or paywalls.

Thanks! I'll let my friend know they only have to scratch 100,000 "freemium" lottery tickets a week & I'll let ya know how it goes lmao

@KYBELA said in Please HELP - PlayerShop Cannot be reasonably gotten as F2P?:

Thanks! I'll let my friend know they only have to scratch 100,000 "freemium" lottery tickets a week & I'll let ya know how it goes lmao

FUN is a completely free currency. You can get 1000 FUN for two Ex-Cubes:

alt text

You can get 20 FUN for each time you complete a quest with a player avatar controlled by AI/the game. (Including free avatars that you search for.)

This is also why everything tradeable that drops from FUN Scratch is extremely low priced in the shops. (1,000 Meseta is the lowest / minimum price an item can be sold for on the shops, with a tax of 50 Meseta that the buyer has to pay for.)

Selling items is not a core mechanic of the game, it is a convenience. I myself have gone long periods without it, it is doable. You were not wrong with what you said. Now, you are also being unfair to Anamana. His video goes over the chance of the personal shop ticket, and even as you see him draw for it, he doesn't get it himself. Finally, his recordings are done in the NA servers, so it isn't based on the JP client.

You ask about ways to use SG as currency for the personal shop. I assume you want a way to farm it. Just remember to tell your friends to farm Urgent Quests that give 10* weapons, and you can swap those for Excubes. Then use two Excubes to purchase a FUN 1000 ticket as Coldreactive has shown. (Purchase more than one of course as you are not sure how much you will need) Then from there, is the luck of the draw. I think it's fair to go through that process for something you would normally pay for.

How are my videos misleading on this topic? I've shown in multiple videos how you can access the 3 day shop tickets through FUN scratch and the odds in relation to getting one of those tickets.

Sure, some of my early guides referenced the JP version while we did not have access to the NA version between betas and also didn't know exactly what we were getting in the Open Beta. But since that time and when I became aware of how content was beginning to roll out, a high majority of my guides purely use the NA version.

Of course, I've made content based on the beta during the beta, that's how content creation works. We make content as the content comes out. Luckily, the NA version has not changed anything that has been implemented since the beta, so any of those functions are still relevant.

Especially, considering the manual on this website lays this information out: And not forgetting that there is a swath of information on this topic across the web, you really aren't looking hard enough.

So, you are spreading misinformation yourself and making assumptions that make you look like an ass. This thread ain't it, my dude.

OP is demonstrating how to make one self look like a fool on the internet, all of this information is either available clear as day in game or in the manual linked above. Misinformation is a heavy word to be swinging around if you can't back up your claims. They didn't even state which video had the supposed wrong information. A shame.