BOT Sell M, Pls Ban it or Remove it

@GM-Deynger @GM-Fatal4866 @GM-Beemo @GM-Rappie @GM-Ronin @GM-bill @GM-Bleed Today it have 1 player that looklike he got hire from someone,and maybe they have a 'team work'.

It's "Spam Sell M" in Public Chat BOT!!! - 03 : PN5445817210 0ccad028-264a-4880-8178-e621805dd110-image.png 213aaf78-9139-497e-8b81-6d000ee9d8d1-image.png 453bdedc-98cd-48cd-abd4-31bb1660f6a4-image.png 2c1c081d-f620-44d0-b252-f0238ef200f9-image.png

And yes I know It's long problem that GM try to Fix it. Before they just 'come > Spam chat > ChangeBlog' BUT Now It's Stand in Blog and Spam Chat 24 Hr.!!!! OMG

That it's do me can't have patient anymore,and go out to 'tell about it'

Yep you report and Mute it. BUT! mute it's just work in can Block it to not see any Chat of BOT Seller in game.But It's still standing at here everytime and Spam!!!!.People that just come or Don't know "how to Mute and Block it" will very Mad from that BOT Annoying .

So I make this in 'Suggestion' for people will think about 'How to do with it' little and 'because it's don't have report forum'

and I still have a lot of BOT Sell M information that I keep. HERE!!! BOT!!! - 01 : PN3077493095 51ddfc71-1e30-445a-b5a9-edeb4f5d8b0c-image.png 54cac005-83bb-46b3-b287-78b35b5714fe-image.png efad399b-a21a-42aa-9d30-cf956f36cd54-image.png

BOT!!! - 02 : PN7672483827 74e0c7f3-2f0f-4d87-acb7-41b219abeec3-image.png dffb9c5e-d4d5-4470-a991-97bbc724a573-image.png 40f29480-5435-417a-9ae5-8c23650199cd-image.png

BOT!!! - 04 : PN9027575937 edb9ebe3-4be0-4719-ab46-e6d5572305f8-image.png bb244773-4312-4363-a1b4-501c8caa0438-image.png dcb74e04-6b83-437b-8a12-962bccfa58f0-image.png

BOT!!! - 05 : PN6828625539 160c9102-adbe-4885-aea5-84046f0b6197-image.png 611e7c5e-a981-4390-8b33-680d8828c684-image.png b6274a57-c485-4c87-8b3b-413f9c42130d-image.png

BOT!!! - 06 : PN3145093703 91ca0fb8-e577-4e86-8d2a-6e2ea3c17135-image.png 80cd3f19-4afb-4e6b-b25d-c31a0efa1eb5-image.png 8146973a-84d3-47fd-a09f-11c8ec0e33f6-image.png

OMG!!! This guy have 2 Xbox ID for do BOT!!! It's 05 and 06

BOT!!! - 07 : PN0531875972 90b71aa3-67d8-4bbc-bd9b-6a1a21519d88-image.png 9fbf9465-2980-45be-9445-80307cdd7466-image.png 778765aa-016b-4a9a-81c1-ef3872e054e4-image.png

BOT!!! - 08 : PN9483669139 dc30c280-ca48-404f-a356-7c470c24a890-image.png 3c2761c3-51db-42e3-8913-d1a0d9b4e253-image.png 42f17ad3-332b-46c4-8fe6-ee2937544989-image.png

BOT!!! - 09 : PN9198313857 0aaa5272-89ae-4a16-9155-fc2f58eace35-image.png 062537ec-d851-46ed-9ec1-8d753431226f-image.png c369990c-2972-49db-9dc9-73c445816049-image.png

Hm... ? How this BOT got this Xbox ID to use ??

Maybe they 'Hack' from a 'Customer' that go use 'service' in they 'Website'!!! Pls be careful!!!!

BOT!!! - 10 : PN1522214702 792e4bad-1eb4-4133-a299-b13c9c208883-image.png 3bf19de8-e2e2-4d2f-be2f-03b735f356ab-image.png

BOT!!! - 11 : PN5482435977 0a67387e-d25e-427b-a73f-a64db8fce727-image.png 11aaab23-3e63-467b-a4af-27a2f8b1393e-image.png e13826ed-b699-453c-aada-651604316ca2-image.png

BOT!!! - 12 : PN8616168620 1af91981-b64d-421a-9d53-2d37aeb7e00b-image.png 22830171-26c8-4ae5-afc7-ec686cb65767-image.png a2dd516e-7734-415a-8450-50d58f2b90d6-image.png

BOT!!! - 13 : PN5962456297 cabefe0c-ba50-466b-b1b8-28a98c76a7f7-image.png 009f4d82-3621-4640-92b1-ce391258b3ed-image.png 692ebf39-ca92-4967-9a54-208c93f367e4-image.png

BOT!!! - 14 : PN7831063545 145e81cd-6bc6-4a3c-bbd6-533ac96ffc96-image.png 4bc99c40-9949-43a9-8aa1-31301d089bca-image.png 189acd2b-bb35-4454-a8e0-472e010adc88-image.png

It's have 4 BOT come on (ship 1). But I just can capture 3 BOT in this 'Weekend',sorry

BUT i will try to hunt another BOT that in my remember it should have name 'EFG???' I can't remember it

Hope some people who come to read this, Will understand and know 'Why BOT Seller' is become a ploblem NOW!.

They just come back. Banning is not a fix to this problem. And it's up to Microsoft to ban their gamercards not Sega. But even so- they have an inexhaustible amount they can use. There are other things that might help more but I think priority is elsewhere for Sega.