Is the Chat Filter going to be improved at launch?

Not sure if its been addressed yet but one of the strangest things about the text chat function is how random the profanity filter was. Typically when games allow it I turn the filter off and just resort to blocking or muting people using slurs and being problematic, but I was shocked to not see an option to turn it off or on here.

More importantly, I was EXTREMELY shocked that all it took to be able to say a variety of slurs regarding race or sexuality was to just add an "s" at the end to make the word plural. Some common slurs weren't even blocked at all, but consistently every filtered word became unfiltered the moment you made it plural.

It was both hilarious from a shock value sense and also very disappointing and annoying during the concert when you had dozens of people all screaming the N-slur in chat and getting away with it being unfiltered due to such a silly oversight. I know it made one of my friends in our playgroup at the time leave the room while the concert went on because it made him uncomfortable and there was no way to remedy the situation. He would have left the area entirely but he wanted to get the buff at the end of the concert.

I'd recommend a chat filter with 3 settings if possible.

1 setting would be titled "Off", which would just let anything anyone says be uncensored in text chat. 1 setting would be titled "Partial" which would filter out slurs or more aggressive language, but simple swears such as F***, S*** etc would be uncensored. Finally, the last option would be "Full" which would censor all profanity of any kind in the chat and would be the default option for new accounts.

So, yeah! tl;dr is the chat filter needs some heavy improvements before the open beta imo lest the game grab headlines for all the wrong reasons while also making certain folks uncomfortable being logged on.

Am a fan of the suggestions. Back in the days of PSOBB, the filter was really odd and I think part of why various players would purposely circumvent the filter was due to how bizarre and inconsistent it was. My most favorite example being the food word "pork". I could never figure out if it was censored because some cultures refuse to eat it or if it was due to the school yard slang connotations, but most of the people I knew found amusement in saying "I guess it's pr0k for dinner tonight" anytime cooking came up in conversation.

I think most of the 18+ crowd these days is fine with F*** and S*** and tend to use it in the common vocabulary now where maybe it wasn't as socially common or acceptable in the 90's (I myself am cool with a 'partial'-style filter). What I DO hope gets proper attention is racial slurs, gender & sexual discrimination, and the sorts of common-sense moderation that keeps chat respectful and empathetic without going to weird places like "pork" without logical reason.

i agree with a profanity filter toggle option, here i thought i was blind and or stupid and just couldnt find the option.