Launcher's (Operation Progress) from sucky Windows10 Store

Curious question if anyone knows , When mine was loading for

30000ish / "93455" (2/2) ..... pop up said cancelled , which stopped downloaded , so i tried again but now says

0 (raising in numbers , up to 11000ish so far as I type this) / 63311 (2/2)

Why did the Operation Progress loading max number of 93455 lowered to "63311"?

When it got cancelled on its own , did it bugged it? (As in error messed it up?)

Or the 2nd time loading , it kept the 30000ish Progress? And continues the loading from there?

So messy... litterly takes 8-9ish hours to download (6times) .

--- off topic below ---

Luckily i figure out on , deleting most of the hidden files, apprently uninstalling this, keeps eating at me storage.

Missed 3days out of premium and missed out of getting 3x fricking 100,000 EXP Tickets goal.

To think i was gonna pay for 60$ Sonic Colab edition plus 40$ in , fudge sakes this sucks.

I am very paranoid of the third party apps, tweaker, but thinking about it once i get a virus protector.

Just had ta vent a little lol.

RIP, I hope your ISP don't have data cap. Most ISP around here allow 1024GBish per month before charging you for more.

Trust me just use tweaker, even if it were a virus (which it isn't) it'd still be less of one than the microsoft store.