US exclusive (NA) items should be no less than 10mil on Market!

This is the NA exclusive experience and we waited this long for it. So why shouldn’t the items that JP doesn’t have should be worth millions! Player’s market USA player exclusive unique items I personally say! I believe it taking pride in in the NA exclusivities!


Yeah I am confused haha.

So... Tacos vs. Casadilla midwest pronunciation combat?

Might I ask on what items are you talking about?

@animeregion Probably the Assault Rifle weapon camo we get from the Vegas UQ

The new mag is one.

@RainGnyu Which new mag? If you mean the Mini-Anga, then that one is also in the JPN version.

Godzilla mag.

@RainGnyu The Godzilla mag was from the 2016 King of Monsters AC Scratch:

Godzilla is in the game? Never noticed

I am talking about the King Kong vs Godzilla exclusive mag concept they coming out with because of the movie. When the movie is released the winner (Mag) will have a crown placed on its head. It like pick who you think is going to win option. Which is exclusive to NA only.

Hope I am clear?

@RainGnyu Do you have a source on that? I can't seem to find anything from any official source.

The real question we all need to consider is whether anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

Xbox mafia once again trying to inflate market prices.