[Ship 2] [Block-007] [NA / English] [Lv.5 Alliance] SpARKS is Recruiting!

We are SpARKS
We strive to keep hope alive in a dimly lit universe of increasing darkness.

  • NA / English - Ship 2 #Block - 007
  • Alliance Lv. 5
  • Discord: (Under Construction)
  • Contact(s): Roxefeller / Roxefeller#9861
  • Reply here, in-game, or feel free to reach out on Discord

I am here to offer you a chance to join us in an effort to build a long-lasting, and great alliance.
My wife and I do not only see our members as such, but we see each and every one of you as family.
We seek to grow, laugh, and live life together as we progress our characters within PSO2.

We welcome both Casual and Hardcore players as my wife is more casual and I am hardcore.
SpARKS aims to provide an atmosphere where ARKS operatives of all shapes and sizes can thrive.

I will keep this short and end this post with a simple question.

Do you have that spark?
The mettle to do what you must as ARKS operatives?
Join the rest of us in SpARKS! SpARKS_SA.png

SpARKS is not just a name that floats above your head. SpARKS is a way of life.

SpARKS is a special group of ARKS operatives that Oracle called upon in the past during a time of need.
That time of need has arisen once more.

Who will answer the call?

Come together my fellow ARKS operatives under the name SpARKS!
Shout it so that the entirety of Oracle may hear it!
"We are SpARKS!"

Hi I am an Ark Op. Looking to join an Alliance that's exactly like this one. And unfortunately though my discord is messed up and the other form of communication is here and on the XBOX I can't login do to it creating duplicate accounts that I don't have access to. But my GT: AnnoyedTheme321 when you need to talk to me and I have the app.

@AnnoyedThyme321 Heyo! Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. I apologize I'm responding a little late.
I will send you a friend request via XBOX and we can go from there!

SpARKS has officially named its home block as Block-007!

Due to the upcoming Steam release, SpARKS is welcoming ARKS operatives of all levels, both with and without past experience to join our ranks.