Managing an Alliance is a nightmare. (A leader's POV)

So what do you alliance leaders feel about players who contribute daily and weekly with ap points but are mainly solo players. Do you guys have problems with them? There's a lot of solo players in this game, and I'm one of them. But I'm active daily so my AP points keep rolling in.

Hell, at one point I was spending more time in my alliance headquarters then the main group itself,. Nobody was ever in there... so it was a peaceful place to do my shopping.

I have five characters to maintain so I just don't have the time to sit around in conversation, especially for activities that I don't care about. Admittedly I have a bunch of triggers I don't really know how to use yet, maybe that's a waste, but I do all the UQs

A trash alliance on ship one named (FS) made me into an officer...I paid it no mind. Maybe because like I said I'm very active. Let's just say after I ran into the 3am... I'm no longer in that alliance.

@Nerzarn No problem. I am glad it was helpful. @ARKHAM-CANNON That's fine with me. I fully understand that some players just rather play solo, but still be part of something bigger. Though because the way the alliances are setup it is very difficult to confirm AP is being contributed. If you run together you know that AP is being done. Still communication on both your part and a mature and responsible leader is key for everyone to be happy. A good leader you form trust with will know that you are going to handle your stuff and you know to count on them for keeping the Alliance maintained. Personally, I like running solo on a lot of things, but I have it set to anyone if they want my help or just want to play with me, can.

@Bananas Yeah plenty of games came out before this one that had better clan features. But it is what it is. Most of us have also matured and we shouldn't feel forced to do these things because they didn't put much effort into the alliance system here.

This might be too invasive or offputting, but you could try having your members post their login histories (screenshot), they can edit(the screenshot) it to only show their last login for the week or something, don't need to see the entire history.

Or maybe make a discord "check-in" or something to that effect, and just note the last time someone checked in.

@Valinda Sorry for the late response, I haven't been on the forums. We have an attendance channel on Discord. You post a Screenshot of your Alliance Points, once a week. Like, I do have outside fixes for the in game issues, I just wish I didn't have to go through all those lengths, when it should be something I can just open my Alliance options and see in game.