Looking forward to this quite a bit! I'm really not sure just yet how I'm gonna gear/strategize these games with my Alliance though I fully expect there to be some heavy competition across all of the the ARKS ships once things get going later this August.

Cheers all.

Gear doesn't matter.

There is no gearing

You're set to level 1 naked

Game starts, you go in and "mine" at the gather point and randomly get a weapon that is in the current PvP weapon rotation with 1 PA or Technique available.

True! ..Still looking forward to it. I was kind of expecting gear nuances though without, that'll probably just save me headaches in the long run.. I'm not very familiar with what has been done on the Japanese servers though definitely stoked for the competitive element.

Who knows maybe gear could be a factor in the future even? Probably not a priority though.

Good Luck fellow ARKS warriors,

Tomorrow marks the beginning.


I hate PVP,i am going to pass out on this..thing

Thing 1 and Thing 2 will substitute for who? for you? one who dares not cares not. Never fear! If you threat among the thread that treads a stead you can solemnly rest in bed.

To hate is to berate and agitate, can you relate?

robot rabbits frolicking through my gardens of War shes knows peace but she knows not more.

Too bad you can only solo-queue for rewards. Going to be a mind-numbing grind once the novelty wears off. I'm genuinely interested in trying it with low ping, though.

Is it a novelty when a flower wilts as it expires? ..Or when one climbs a ladder to safety? ..I think not.

Regardless, see you in the arena!

I suck at all manner of PvP, but depending on how the rankings work it might be some decent SG at the end of every month, in addition to the weekly Battle Coin SG tickets.

May the Victors reap the rewards of the spoils of War, may the fallen find peace in Death.


Future suggestion, party matchmaking, me and a few Alliances members qued up for the Arena separately and 2 of us managed to be on the same team while the third was on the opposite team and another member in another game altogether.