SEGA & Microsoft - Please Fix MS Store Permission Related Issues NOW

As I have previously mentioned, I am not a developer or programmer. I am simply a slightly informed user that knows just enough to typically get around any general issue regarding computing, gaming, etc. But, the MS Store's access to the game files and habit of Changing game permissions (Which inadvertently corrupts files, MS Store sees "corrupt" files, takes over everything and nukes itself) Needs to be Fixed immediately.

I truly love this game and the JP Version too. I love it enough to continue screwing with it (I am also a premium user, so I am a paying client like many others here) but it is getting old.

Every single time I update windows, the Microsoft Store (TrustedInstaller) goes into action and completely ruins the PS02_bin folder permissions, ownership, etc. As a result, the game does not launch and I spend roughly an hour or so adjusting files, permissions, downloading, etc. Please for the love of all things just FIX IT. One can either be ignorant or stupid. I refuse to believe that both companies are ignoring the issue, and I also believe that since you want more paying clients (what company would not) like myself that the unresolved issues are not a result of stupidity either.

The information is available to you, multiple sources of reports / complaints (twitter, MS store, PSO2 forum, etcc..) so please just fix the dang thing...

I love the game and I want to keep playing, but man is it a pain every time I have to go through this. I cannot even imagine how lost some users must be who do not have the same level of understanding that I do. Thank you.

EDIT*** I forgot to mention 200+ Gigs of storage back-up files are taking. Another major issue that needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.

I just Deleted 800 THOUSAND Files in the Mutable Backup folder Manually. This is over 200Gigs of Storage Space. Doesn't either company see a problem with this? I personally don't give a shit if you do not respond to my thread..Just FIX IT


EDIT 2*** 2.6 MILLION FILES?! Common now...That does not even make sense...Literally going to brick my personally built custom gaming machine. I don't even have that much storage space on my SSD...That is how messed up the client is...

sounds like a sega related issue that is exacerbated by the MS store's disconnection to the launcher.

Gotta know who to blame if you are gonna try an tell people what to do.

The best thing you can probably do if you have this kind of problem is to make a backup of the game files on an external or secondary device. That way, if they corrupt, you can save your time and internet resources by just copying the files back. If it just does nothing but nuke itself making multiple backups in Mutable Backup instead, here is something you can do.:

  1. Open the Task Manager and close Gaming Services and winappx (or whatever similar name it is. It should be using CPU or disk usage near the top when you select either heading for sorting). Once those are closed, it should stop replicating.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps. Then open another Windows Explorer window and go to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
  3. Open the Windows Settings menu, go to the Apps heading and find Phantasy Star Online 2 in the list. Choose to uninstall it.
  4. Now, in those folders from Step 2, delete pso2_bin from the first location. Then, in the second location, check for Mutable, MutableBackup, Resources, MSIXVC, and see if you can find the oxyna folder. Make sure to delete the game folders (if they remain) from the Mutable folders and anything related to oxyna in Resources. If there is an 11GB file in MSIXVC, delete it and the two other files with the same name but different file extensions. If the oxyna folder is still there, delete it.
  5. Now all of PSO2 should be completely removed from your PC. Next, just download the PSO2 Tweaker for NA and follow the instructions linked on its download page. If everything is followed properly, it will fully install PSO2 NA with MS Store having no control over it.

Nothing should end up getting corrupted or nuked, since MS Store itself is what causes that. It actually doesn't appear to have anything to do with Windows or its application setup by Sega. It is most likely the game's built-in reliance on gaming services, which downloads with the game and whenever that updates, there is a chance it will brick the game from an MS Store install. This happened with only one of my 3 PCs that I installed the game and it only happened after a recent forced Windows Update. Following the above steps, no more issues on that particular computer for now, at least.

nah this is mostly MS store fault not that Sega launcher doesn't have problems but those tons of files repeated are just from the store but forget it that they will do something, is nothing new that MS store has tons of problems even with Microsoft softwares so don't expect they will fix it now

@Jamesmor the only thing that comes from the store are four files in the MSIX folder (for 11 GB), everything else is from the launcher after it unpackages itself.

Each time the launcher runs again (after being unpackaged) it will install 96,000ish files, duplicate the files, and then link a shortcut to them. The sheer number of files is the way the launcher from SEGA is designed to do the remote installation. The uninstallation of the launcher is what gets triggered by the MS store, due to the launcher isolating itself due to the poor design.

They are both ate up for sure, but the file replication and permission issues stem from the developer side, not the distribution side.

@John-Paul-RAGE yes is 4 files and those 4 files are the only thing that the MS store recognizes as being the aplication, anything else that is downloaded is not recognized and therefore it dumps then in a different place, the launcher obviously recognizes that the files are not there and starts to download then again. also the permission issues is not from the developer side is how the MS store works if you download anything from there it will have the same permissions

Common Meow....It's not solely one's fault or the other. SEGA Develops some software and Microsoft Distributes it...Both are to blame. Downloading another 100k files...I just can't give up