Titan Blazer, where to farm?

Wana know where to farm it but people r been really quiet about info. I know it's meseta ti make cause of the small number for sell, but have no way of getting that money for that wep.

JP version says it drops from Skull Buffalos in Las Vegas map... I don't recall seeing any skull buffalos though in VR UQ.

It's recolored clone with different SAF Calamity Blazer can drop from Emp Rappy so maybe it's dropping Titan Blazer instead? Calamity series isn't available until EP5 because its S class affixes

It can drop from Vegas Illusia, according to some comments, so if anything you get it from Vegas UQ.

And do you really think it's worth much, despite the fact it's entirely useless? Well, maybe i shouldn't say that too loud consider i've been making a good 100m from just selling Saiki... well you can't really farm it, is most likely the answer here.

Don't think is worth that much but want to have one hence the wanting to farm and not buy.

@HarmlessSyan I c, will look into it. Thanks.

@Macmaxi Titan Smasher drop in underground shaft exploration, so says in the quest log, so I don't think vega is the only place. Maybe the boss that drops it also appears in vega.

So has to be a machine looking one, least made some progress.

I've seen them with Soma Soul in the playershop so Vardersoma can probably drop it.

@Macmaxi ohhh right, I always asume it was affixed, that's great hint to the possibility. Thanks man.

How far I good looking wep. If only the transmutation didn't exists I could give up.

God finally found it, it drops from Bryu Ringahda lvl 61 boss of abandoned mine exploration.

Thanks Anamana! For that YouTube vid