It's just a suggestion. I mentioned it within another topic, but Creating one here specifically about the Mags from (old) PSO ep1&2.. My recomendation is specifically about the "Sita" mag, as it WAS quite an acheivement to raise in the old games, & was sad it seems nowhere to be found within PSO2's game. BUT there were other mag's better suited for NON-FORCE characters, which got my FRIENDS into the game.

I'd play PSO (gamecube) for hours by myself, since i didn't have a modem & by time i could afford a GC modem & the monthly subscription cost, BB was a thing (thank you sega) & the old pso servers were scheduled to go offline. the point tho.. my friends often wouldnt understand why i'd always be playing PSO when i had 50+ other games for GC, such as MortalKombat.. After my friends would try EVERY GAME besides PSO in my GC library, they finally said "okay ill give it a try" and eventually loving the gameplay almost as much as myself.

The mags tho... THAT is what got a few of them hooked. my friends would ask, "Why can't they have a cooler looking mag like mine?" (Sita was my main mag) So i told em, "hey, if thats all you want.. ill make one for you" ^_^ but then let them know of the other cool mags that had this "double" appearance.. aka 2 floating objects, not just 1 singular object as the "mag's body"

i could be mistaken, as i haven't played old pso since the memory cards went bad.. (and searching for pictures of "old" mags seem to not be as easy compared to the results from 10-15years ago) but Bhirava, Ribhava, and Ila for example.. also have a "wing like appearance" not too different from the Sita mag..

I was sad not to find any of these mags in the RAGOL MEMORY items.. & I'm suggesting about it here, not just for my own nostalgia but as i KNOW for a FACT those (cosmetic) aesthetics are what solidified many people's interest in the PSO world many years ago. I think it would be more profitable for PSO2 if they brought some of them back. ❤

One day i'll make a thread asking to bring the OG "card weapon" TALIS from PSOep1 into PSO2.. but for now, this thread is for anyone who'd like to see an old mag return to PSO2 with some new tricks ^_^

So if you got Sita Love, or another cool mag i hadn't listed here. Please feel free to share your story or Mag-Love here. Thank you!

Ps. was playing Profound Darkness for first time other day.. & i was like... woah.. THATS my old Sita Mag lmao cause they both lotus like in appearance. even tho obviously a Mag can't be a Falz Boss heh