[Ship 2] Aerostar - RECRUITING PLAYERS [50+ Members - Active - Beginner & Vet Friendly - Discord Available - AQ - UQ - XQ - ULT]




  • Though the name may have changed over the years, the concept that is Aerostar has roots in the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online 2 (Aerostar | アエロスター / Arks Light) and even further back to Phantasy Star Online PC & Blue Burst, with some members having been around for its almost 15+ years of history. Our team consists of players from Europe, The United Kingdom and The United States, we are International based and open to players from a global audience, this allows us to have players available during a variety of timezones to take part in activities and we encourage everyone from all regions to take part as we want everyone to enjoy Phantasy Star as a whole together. We believe having players from a number of regions helps with coordinating a party, as there will always be members available at a variety of times.

Website: Link

Discord: Link

Who’s in charge?


  • Joycie


  • CocoBolo, Jeng, Kaede, KingSword, MouldyLemon, Raega

Who do I contact to join?

You can contact us via in-game whisper chat or by sending a request through the Visiphone.


  • Joycie, Kaede


  • JoycieC#1724

Who we’re looking for

  • Active players, new & experienced
  • Friendly, open minded members who aren’t too serious
  • Members with a willingness to learn from each other
  • Members who like to AQ, play Casino games and have fun

Benefits of joining Aerostar

  • No pressure atmosphere, no race to the finish attitude just go at your own pace
  • ARKS Missions - Daily, Weekly & Tier Missions, we’ll help out together as a team, just ask
  • AQ / XQ / UQ Party - We’re always ready to party up for Advanced, Extreme and Urgent Quests
  • Challenge Mode - We’re exploring team based Challenge Mode
  • Gear farming - Varies depending on what farmable content is available per Episode, we’ll always help out if you ask
  • Active, experienced players with a wealth of knowledge spanning PSO2’s almost ten year history


  • We use in-game chat and Discord for communication, Kaede has graciously created a Discord Server for the Alliance members to use, it is open for public access in case anyone is interested in joining, this can be found here:

Discord Server - Feel free to join!

Tree Status

  • We understand that a well cultivated tree is essential for some players, both casual and experienced, so we’re very open about the status of our tree and are working hard to improve it regularly, you can see information regarding it below with maximising EXP, Meseta & Rare Drop Rate as the current goals.


  • Attack Up - Level 2
  • Defense Up - Level 2
  • Earned EXP Up - Level 4
  • Earned Meseta Up - Level 2
  • Rare Drop Rate Up - Level 5

Final Words

  • We're a medium size team with room to grow, looking for like-minded individuals who simply want to enjoy Phantasy Star together, if this is what you're looking for, with no high expectations or strings attached then consider joining us, we're always open for a chat.


Hi, Kaede here.

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interesting in joining, hope to see you in game! 🙂

Don't forget, we have players both new and old, so if you ever get stuck you'll be able to find someone who can help!

@Azure-Kaede I would like to join all the alliances I’ve joined have always disbanded after two weeks 😞 my gamer tag is Pepelehpeww

@pepelehpeww Hey I just sent you an invite 🙂

Hey quick update, we've started a discord server for those that are interested, you can find the link below:


See you in game! 👋

We now have a website!

Put together very quickly, it's an early front page for the Alliance, currently hosting a few images from the past, we'll update it with new images as time goes by.

You can check it out here: Website Link

40+ Members and growing, good work to all those who have been active playing AQ's, Ultimate and more!, we look forward to the future with PSO2 and NGS! 🙂

Hey everyone, we've reached 50 Members and we're still growing, well done to everyone for all the hard work on the tree recently, if anyone fancies joining us for AQ's, Urgent Quests or general chit-chat and party play, feel free to join us on Discord or message us in-game!


See you all in-game!