Noob ? But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use “sidestep” it’s suppose to convert your dash “RT” to a sprint essentially right?

Nope, Sidestep is a dodge. Which is why you can't remove it as a skill, as every class has a dodge by default. You can change the interval at which sidestep works at in the options. (IE: Short double movement press, long, etc.)

@Skyler-Rains There is no "dash" command, only sidesteps/dodges. I'm assuming you're using a melee weapon? Melee weapon sidesteps have you dashing a short distance to dodge, don't think there's any invincibility frames but I don't really pay enough attention.

I know the ranged weapon dodge roll sidestep and twin machine gun weapon action (right shoulder button or shift) have I-frames (Hero's not in the NA version but when you use it with TMGs, you even blink around instead of dodge rolling when you sidestep) and of course so does the tech weapon sidestep which has you phase-dashing, it might have the most of the bunch (save for the third TMG weapon action in a chain of TMG weapon actions but that one leaves you wide open for a second when you land so you have to be careful of where you're going to land) but again, I'm not the most well versed in this sort of thing.

Also make sure you aim your character in the right direction when sidestepping (with the TMG weapon action you can only aim it if you're locked on and you can't go forwards)