Real Automatically Pick up Meseta & Unit Forming

"Real" Automatically Pick up Meseta

When you have the "Automatically Pick up" option enabled for either 'Weapons' (13★ and above.), 'Units' (12★ and above.) and 'Material Items'. The loot is automatically sent to your inventory or storage (storage, if "Auto Material Storage" option is enabled.) once the enemy is killed. Why couldn't this be done with Meseta as well?

The current auto-loot option for Meseta will still have you walk over the Meseta to get it. (The only benefit it gives, is no more spamming of the 'access' button/key.) I know this is pure laziness and convenience, but once you played this game for almost 8 years (For some this process will start earlier.) you'll start neglecting the dropped Meseta. Accumulated over the years, I bet I've left over a hundred million Meseta on the ground. Such a bummer.

You need to see this as a Win-Win situation Sega, the higher the number of dropped items and or Meseta that remain on the floor of a quest, the more stress it gives the server. The less items and or Meseta on the ground, the better it is for the server. See where I am getting at? Guide that Meseta straight to my inventory please. There are literally no cons for doing this. (Unlike Items for example, where your inventory or storage could be too full to accept more.) I have yet to meet someone who has had the max amount of Meseta in their possession at one time in the game.

The next suggestion isn't a 'real' improvement, but it will enrich the/our immersion of Pashion Star Online 2.

Unit Forming

It basically speaks for itself, PSO2 has "Weapon Forming" which allows you to create your own camouflage for your weapons. (Not going into detail how that works, not important.)

But I would also like to see "Unit Forming". There are several good looking 10★ units out there, that it's just quite a shame that these units aren't viable for endgame purposes. So please Sega let me "Unit Form" my rear units into 'Rear/Voltec' so that I can become Super Saiyan again.

😀 ( No no, don't want to hear "But Erin, you can give your Partner Card the Rear/Voltec unit so that it might look like you are SSJ." Stop it! Don't go there, I want to become SSJ, not my Partner Card. And neither want to hear "But Erin, Rear/Kabukimono Raiden is a viable option to look SSJ and its useful for endgame purpose as well!" PVP is dead, and it will be in PSO2NA as well. Just give me my "Unit Forming"!)😀

In short:

  • Drop the Meseta straight into our inventory or storage. (Win-Win situation.)
  • Unit Forming. (Do I need to say more?)

(The above suggestions are based upon my playing experience with PSO2JP, but assuming PSO2NA will integrate the same systems. These suggestions will become viable for PSO2NA.)

I'm all for Unit Forming there are a large variety of units that I really like the look of but will have zero impact passed late mid game and into end game content. The meseta deal was never an issue for me. My OCD will not allow me to miss a single one.

I agree, im all for unit forming my concern with the Meseta pickup is that I'm afraid that people would just stand in a expedition afk and make millions why others do the work, maybe have a larger range for pickup of Meseta instead

@TRAVISTYxxx said in Real Automatically Pick up Meseta & Unit Forming:

my concern with the Meseta pickup is that I'm afraid that people would just stand in a expedition afk and make millions why others do the work.

But wouldn't that be the case already? Concerning the implementation of our current "Automatically Pick up" of 13★+ Weapons and 12★+ Units?

I assume that the majority of the PSO2 players have a higher priority set on getting 15★ Weapons and 12★+ Units (And other endgame items.) over the rather per-average-low-amount-of-dropped Meseta in the majority of the quests in game? Your concern isn't unjustified but I rather think that its abusively AFKing for 15★ Weapons and 12★+ Units over AFKing for Meseta, which is/would be taking place. I personally haven't encountered it much on SHIP10 in PSO2JP. But I would certainly not deny its existence.

I wouldn't really be afraid of people AFKing for dropped Meseta, It's not a viable way to generate much if you ask me. It will take quite some years of AFKing before you have accumulated a decent amount. (But maybe I have high standards, no idea.) Not sure if people would go so far and AFK for years in a quest. Unless a person is AFKing in an Extreme Quest. But for those its a 4-Person Party, easy to kick a person.

Generaly you're right, even if there were only 2 quests in the entire game, wherein people could abuse the Multi Party by AFKing and viably generate Meseta. People will indeed do.

(To think back about it, I'm rather surprised that abusively AFKing for 15★ Weapons and 12★+ Units rarely happens in my experience. You would expect it to be more common.)

@TRAVISTYxxx said in Real Automatically Pick up Meseta & Unit Forming:

maybe have a larger range for pickup of Meseta instead

Hmm larger range pickup of Meseta doesn't sound so bad as middle ground.

I'm all for the unit forming and @TRAVISTYxxx idea of a longer range for the meseta pickup. once you go there though you have to decide on what would be a good range.

@TRAVISTYxxx sry i wasn't aware that this is the case with high star items, i always had to run around and find a rare drop even with this setting on, maybe that was a bug I'm not sure. I was assuming that there was a range setting that didnt allow for random rare drops to be automatically picked up in the area without being near by. This is because i would find rares lying in areas my party members had already explored and i was no where near, and went to re-explore.