Will we get mag reset passes when Phantom releases?

I'm new and never played on jp and i want to avoid spending money (especially on mechanical things like extra mags and characters and storage).

I'm a 75 Summoner with a fighter subclass cause guides say that's the optimal choice on NA. But when Phantom is released I will want to switch my subclass to Phantom. The problem is that as a 75 SuFi I already made my mag t-atk since that was the best option available to me. When Phantom comes out the best choice will be to have a dex mag.

I'm anticipating getting a skill reset pass since that apparently happens on jp servers every time there's new class changes/content, but will we get mag reset passes as well? Or am I simply backed into a corner on this character? I know the answer a lot of people will give is "buy another mag" but it doesn't make sense to me to spend real money on a mechanical advantage like that, I'd rather spend real money on a cosmetic I like rather than something to fix poor qol game design.

The best I can figure if I don't get a mag reset pass is to change my character class entirely and level him up as a FoTe and make a new character to be a SuPh (which also allows me to play a BoPh, BrPh, HuPh, and TePh optimally on the same character) since FoTe is the only optimal build i can find that uses a t-atk mag rather than taking the phantom subclass and using a dex mag. This seems like it'd be slightly faster than farming enough excubes to manually reset my mag.

Or maybe I should just play a different game that doesn't monetize its own convolutedness and fine you real money for making newbie mistakes.

You can use mag down devices via excubes to lower it when phantom approaches. I've never seen then give that out in JP. They might've but I've never seen it

You can also just use your TEC mag, because SuPh gains no benefit from a DEX mag as they only use one attack type. (well, arguably it helps as you get more tanking ability due to higher DEX, but it will not do anything for your damage)

DEX mag is ideal for the multi-attack types, of which Summoner is not. While they can use all 3 attack types, only one is used primarily, which is your choice.

@Matt I'm just hoping gunblade class gets to use dex mag and not have the etolie split

What people usually do if they do not buy additional mags is decide on which characters uses which type of mag. Some people use tec classes on one character, so tec mag. Another may be using a s-atk mag for hunter, fighter, katana braver, and bouncer with switch strike; dex mag for just braver and bouncer, and so on.

So yes, unless you buy AC or are willing to spend the ex cubes to reset your mag one level at a time, you are backed into a corner on this character. Buying multiple mags is more for wanting to main one character rather than spreading classes across multiple.