DS4 Windows stops working with PSO2

So since I don't have any Xbox Controllers, nor do I like them, I'm using a PS4 controller with the game while utilizing DS4 Windows. For the most part it works just fine, no issues. EXCEPT sometimes, pretty much at random, after I put my computer to sleep or otherwise shut down DS4 Windows, DS4 Windows no longer works with PSO2. DS4 Windows will work fine with other games, even Minecraft. It just stops working with PSO2. Restarting my PC fixes this of course, but doing this is a pain and I'd rather not have to restart my PC more than I have to. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do, like unplug my controller before shutting down DS4? (I'm using the Tweaker.)

Windows has native support for PS4 controllers since a couple years ago without the use of DS4. The main issue with native Windows support is that...

  1. The Touch pad may not work.
  2. Circle and X may be swapped. (In some rare cases, square and Triangle may be swapped.) This is mainly due to the fact that in Japan, Circle and X's functionality are swapped.
  3. Lighting works weird. (Can stay orange indefinitely.)

Games like Final Fantasy XIV added FULL native support for PS4 controllers back in Stormblood on Windows. Without function swapping or anything. This is because Final Fantasy XIV actually developed internal code to support the controller. In the best case scenario, PSO2 will do the same if / when they add a PS4/5 version.

In addition, if you have the windows version of PSNow installed, it will add full DS4 support for anything launched through it.

Let me reiterate. The PS4 controller works without DS4 Windows, BUT NOT WITH PSO2. DS4 Windows is what makes it work, but sometimes after disconnection of the controller or program it stops working, ONLY WITH PSO2, until shutdown/restart.

There is a setting for ds4 windows on hiding the controller, I find that causes issues with pso2 and my controller has been working better with pso2 ever since.

I saw that setting, does nothing in relation to the problem.

i have a ps4 hori onyx that i use on PC and it works perfectly fine. i had a ps4 but prefer x box layout i just plug a usb cable in and it works, you may have to disable native xbox 360 pad if you have had an xbox pad installed, but it shows up in devices and takes 2 clicks to do.

the rumble works, all buttons work as intended except touch pad. the pad doesnt use a jack socket so no sound or mic option is on the pad, but most of us PC folk can just use the front panel anyway.