Is it normal to launch japanese version , when trying to play NA version?

I finally able to get back in, but japan version launches instead.

The heck is wrong with game?

I dont think that Nothing is wrong. I get that too, Sometimes, Even the Text shows up in Japanese.

Does it say Episode 6? Different background , where you select Game Start , (think most the color was black and blue and some picture of a girl).

Does the game launcher look something like this?


If not and then it should look like this:


Than you have the NA version successfully installed. To further confirm, make sure your title screen looks like this:

PSO2NA PC - TitleScreen.png

  • Has the Xbox Live specific text at the bottom left.
  • Lacks the Katakana text in the logo.
  • Says "PRESS THE ENTER KEY" (as opposed to simply "PRESS ENTER KEY").
  • The Version number at the bottom right ends with the text "NA".
  • When you Press Enter, the EULA should be in English.

If all these are the case, than you have the North American version installed and simply need to set the game back to English. Simply select Language Setting:

PSO2NA PC - LoginMenu.png

Then set the options you wish to English ("Language" is merely for other players to see what language YOU use in chat):


@Leonkh99 ,

Yes the top one.

I might try that out way later ,

this launching problems is very tiring and annoying and constent errors during launching , might quit this game for a long time, thanks for the info.

Or until i get a XBox1 i was gonna get, on black Friday, unless XBox1 version has its own problems.

@LordSwordDancer If its the top one than it seems that for some reason the game must have installed the JP client (or the launcher is simply set to JP version... try launching the game and see if the language option is still there).

If you choose to wait... the game will be coming out on Steam sometime this later apparently, so that may be a better option. If you don't mind dealing with fanmade tools, you can also use the ARK Layer's PSO2 Tweaker to get around the install issues.

@Leonkh99 ,

Thanks for the info.

If you have file or permission issues, launching the game will launch the Japanese version. For some reason, SEGA bundled all the Japanese files in with everything else. From my testing this was most often caused by setting the wrong permissions on the folders.

Simplest fix is to uninstall and do a full reinstall using the Tweaker, and only the Tweaker. Follow its instructions. This will also solve all of the MS Store-related issues for you.